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Respecting life

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If you can ask a good question with that, go for it. x
Let me recover this with what I was getting at. Whats your personal standard of respecting other forms of life? Do you apply those same standards to yourself or do you go past them for personal survival?
How far would you go as a society, as far as bending your "standards for quality of life" for the purpose of survival.

How looow will you go :) More so, I wonder if that all comes up to, what's the point or aim. Is it to give everyone the option to explore that question(That question being, whats the point?). I assume that's the point of society. Im actually not too sure, it has so many points and directions inside of it, but a dominate direction? I can't imagine it being anything except giving people the options to be who they are, within the limitations of the structure of that society.
Idk, I reckon how we respect life as a society dictates the sort of society we are and will grow into. It's just curious as to what we define as acceptable standards for living and treating one another for the purposes of personal and general gain.

Sorry if this post is eratic, heads a bit fucked :)


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been looking at this for a while and dont know what to say.

I know there are starving children in the world but I dont know how ever this can be resolved as its not simply a matter of giving money.

We obviously will care about our own children more - but that isnt acceptable is it? Kind of like Im alright Jack - so i dont know ......... my heads a bit weird too.sORRY.
It seems to me that the whole point of being alive is to care for someone, and to have someone care for you.

Society is merely an expression of that. If you can fit into a group of people, then there is a sense that the people in that group care for each other.

People care most about those that they feel the most comfortable with, the people they are closest to. Noone is closer than your own children, usually.

As far as respecting forms of life, I am rather.... "weird". I respect animals more than humans, though I'm not a vegetarian or anything; I just could never hurt an animal. However, for the people I truly care about, I would gladly kill anything that hurts them.

When it comes to protecting yourself, I believe that all of this goes out the window. You WILL protect yourself however you can.

Sorry if this is isn't what you're looking for. My head's a bit insane.


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The other day I was looking at a piece of property with a creek cutting through the middle of it. There was a lot of marsh. By todays standards it's not worth much because there're not many trees on it and it's hard to reach. But when the land was purchased and developed, probably 80 years ago, it had much more worth because back then they could dike and dam the creek. They used the water for their farm. They even fished in the creek for the large salmon runs (these salmon no longer are in our creeks because of overfishing and deforestation and loss of habitat, however). But nowadays the state regulates the creeks and you can't dike and dam them and do what you want. You need a license to fish and there're not as many fish as there were back then.

So while thinking all these thoughts it was clear to me this land has high latent value but it's so restricted by state control now that it's not apparent. And I thought maybe we all have dormant power, inner latent value, that's not apparent to us because of the rules and restrictions in life. Perhaps we don't understand our true strength and ability.

And then I thought about the unknown out there. True latent power is found outside normalcy. The governments don't regulate and restrict the unknown. So the most power is to be gained by people who explore into these unfamiliar places and make new homes there. Many years after, perhaps many decades, these strange new places will be regulated once more by government and made normal, but the enterprising peoples will move on to even more fantastic places. So the idea is to always stretch and explore the unknown. If you don't then you get trapped in the familiar - which is heavily regulated by the state.
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I respect all life but would beat some off with a big stick if it tried to eat me or injure me.

I suppose a dyslexic fish might ask, "what is the porpoise?"
'Life' as you call it, is there to be used. That is its only function, whatever flavour it comes in.
Not using our 'lives' is one of the greatest causes of our grief. This extends to all 'life' around us.
And check the signature.
I'm serious about that.

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