Respite...(for Curtius)

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  1. Oh, to gently fall
    instead of tumbling headlong
    as times before
    To land in the solace
    of self-acceptance,
    and patience with one’s soul,
    the eternal...
    To see grace in struggle
    and find peace
    in continuing to forge
    the path towards
    the sacred self;
    So long diminished
    sacrificed for judgement
    and toils and trials,
    and worries and woe ~
    for all we ever hoped to know
    is that all exists for a reason
    though we do not understand the seasons
    Falling, and Despair,
    for the moment,
    have been waylaid
    For too long, it’s been the same;
    Hope, illusive, stayed away
    The respite is welcome...

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  2. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member

    ....just found this....

    Thank you, tho I am not sure if it is good to be on the mind of someone else so much...

    I have given an illusion with my words, once again, that is nothing more than an illusion.

    Nothing has changed in me I am the same, I wrote that poem FOR get them to talk to me. They did...just last night and I ended up being the one who cried. It hurt me to listen and stay open but I did. I think its one of the only emotions I know how to absorb: sadness.

    What does not stem from hurt? What is not done in fear of reprocussion or consequence? We are born terrified and in fear....its there where instinct kicks in.

    That I was born was my fate.


    - I will say thank you for your hopeful thoughts once more...
  3. T'was but a few moments thoughts, that you'd turned a corner - and you did. It doesn't have to be a milestone. Just a little celebration, with words - which is what you offered - to us, and to that someone else. It's all we got most days, ain't it? Words. No illusion... None taken...

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