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Responsibly using illegal drugs to coincide with anti-depressants

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I know I am severely depressed. I get reminded every time I feel myself genuinely smile and I think to myself: "wow, that smile was real! I just felt a true feeling of happiness!" and then the next thing that comes into my head is "Wow, I don't genuinely smile, or laugh, or feel happy too often..."

Anti-depressants honestly don't do a thing for me. I'm starting to think that maybe I don't have a chemical imbalance in my brain, but rather I simply haven't learned what being happy is like. Illegal drugs are obviously dangerous and can lead to addiction if not used responsibly, but if an illegal drug can somehow make me feel happier, is there a way to manipulate the drug's use for mental therapeutic value? Or does using illegal drugs alter your mental state so greatly that they do not offer any permanent benefits for treating depression?


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I'm confused, but I'll just answer the questions.

First, recreational drugs are always a temporary fix for depression. From pot to heroin, it all works very well to alleviate depression. But you'll build a tolerance to them over time and will be forced to use more of them to get the same effect. This cycle doesn't end, and you'll start doing desperate shit just to get a fix. My cousin was a heroin addict, he fucked himself over hardcore, started stealing computers from his college's lab and stuff like that. Not to mention he broke his wrist when the police knocked on his door and he jumped out the window. That is, unfortunately, the reality of recreational drugs.

Anyway, you don't "learn" happiness. It just happens. I mean, you said right in your post that you've felt happiness, so what makes you think you haven't learned happiness?

And I don't know what you meant by "manipulating the drug's use" at all. What are you talking about?


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Yeah you're right about the temporary fix thing, I guess that pretty much squashes my whole idea.

I think what I was trying to say is that if someone were diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder (me), wouldn't using drugs likes oxycodone, in very small dosages, somehow benefit that person? I was basing my idea along the lines of medicinal marijuana. People over in California can get prescription marijuana if they tell their doctor that they suffer from chronic anxiety and depression... I know oxycodone is a whole other animal compared to marijuana, but isn't it all sort of in the same boat.

What I was trying to get at is, along with the treatment plan that someone was doing right now (prescription drugs, therapy, etc.), would taking a small dosage of an illegal drug on a one-to-two day basis somehow help in becoming less depressed and less anxious? IDK, maybe this sounds stupid and crazy lol.


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Sigmund Freud thought cocaine was the miracle cure for depression. It didn't work out, as you can tell.

Oxycodone? You want to use oxycodone to turn you half-conscious for a while? I'm familiar with prescription painkillers, so I know where you're coming from.

I suspect, however, that you won't restrict yourself to "small dosages", since you won't feel the desired effect without more of it. I don't know my recreational substances very well, but I'd guess that you'd have a similar problem. Prescription drugs lose their effectiveness over time, too, so oxycodone probably does the same. And there is no unlimited source of it, which you would need to have to keep your wits about you. Not having a fix is a terrible feeling that escalates into panic.

I can't recommend it. You can try it if you want, but I can't back it.


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I smoke marijuana and it really helps me but then again that's not always the case with everyone. My sister used to smoke but she said it made her feel like she was twitching, some have really bad paranoia.
It's completely your choice to smoke or not but please be responsible with it. Don't use it as a crutch. If your having a bad night don't go running to weed to make it better because your problem will still be there. Instead wait until you've calmed down and then smoke, help clears your mind. I refuse to smoke to "escape reality" no matter how much I hate reality, I smoke to enhance reality :) I would choose marijuana over pills anyday. Its worked wonders for me but everyone is going to be different.
I hope this helped :)
Marijuana is one thing, but please don't use anything else.

My bestfriend/heartmate had depression/anxiety. He got prescribed Xanax for his anxiety and got addicted. Then he started with the pain killers. He also tried regular antidepressants, but he said they didn't help as much as pot or the quick fixes. One day he couldn't get what he needed and so he got drunk and decided to rob a pharmacy. Then he spent two days in jail withdrawing. On the third night he hung himself.

All the different drugs are NOT good for a depressed person. It's too easy for us to take the quick method of feeling good. But then we crash and end up worse than before. I'm on my like sixth different anti-depressant and still it's not working. I'm not giving up though. Find a doctor you trust. Drugs just make everything "crazier."
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