RETHINK and your right to vote!

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    RETHINK Your right to vote!

    Rethink are currently running a campaign to encourage people to register to vote within England, Scotland and Wales, and are raising awareness around Your right to vote.

    Did you know that even if you are in hospital care you can register to vote at any UK address? Did you know you can vote by post? Homeless people have the right to vote?

    Do You want to have your say about:-

    1. improving mental health services
    2. increasing support for carers
    3. tackling climate change
    4. making your local area safer
    5. bullying
    6. ending discrimination against people with mental illness
    7. stopping homelessness

    VOTING lets you have your say about the issues that matter to you! Make sure you use your right to Vote.

    Are you on the Electoral Register? If not contact your local authority electoral services, or visit

    Your vote helps choose the people who make decisions on the issues that affect YOU.

    Want to find out more:

    Send me a Private Message and I can send you an information pack, which includes a Voter Registration form and a guide telling you how to vote in England Scotland and Wales.
    Contact RETHINK
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.