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  1. TheGlamorous

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    I've left school but I'm going to share some memories that still haunt me sometimes.

    At age 5 when I started school, the bully of our year decided he didn't like me so everybody else decided they didn't like me because he was domineering.

    Eventually this led people to actually not like me out of conditioning.

    He used to threaten me constantly. Flood the school toilets every single day and then go and tell the teacher I did it.

    The teachers believed him every single time, and every day I would be made to clean up the boys toilets.

    For a five year old that is quite confusing. Being framed, then blamed for something you did not do. No wonder I'm depressed :mad::biggrin:

    Around age six another bully came along. He used to drag me around the playground by holding onto my jumper and letting it latch around my neck.

    So I turned out to be a weird child, I felt alienated at school and acted as such. As I got older the physical bullying went away but that was replaced with emotional bullying.

    I was left out of most things. Never got into recreational sports because of it. Was always the outsider. At one point most of the whole school hated me.

    At age 12 I was making friends with the 6 year olds because they were the only ones who didn't judge me.

    Teachers actually thought I was being inappropriate with the younger girls I was spending time with because I used to hug them and was pretty liberal about being touchy feely (not in a dirty way), in retrospect.

    But I turned out Gay anyway, so that quashes all of that.

    ...then I went to highschool and everything was fine, no bullying to report there. Good times.
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    When boys are young, some think they can rule the world, they find out they can make others look bad to make themselves feel better. I was bullied too, my bullies were the jock style boys, the sporty ones, funny thing was that they were the first to cry when someone hurt them. Soon bullies realise that there are more bullies out there, or that it hurts when they are bullied.
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