Returning to high school. Lovely.

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    In ~10 days, I'm returning to school. Thanks to the educational system of Iceland, I can't graduate unless I pass 4 seperate courses of languages, history, psychology, life-education, math, and some science. English has been finished, since there's no grammar I needed to learn. Icelandic, my native tongue, will have stories in old Icelandic, which I can't understand at all. Then there's a nordic language which I have to learn. I failed Danish in the "special" class in 9th and 10th grade. I've not taken a course in it yet, since I'll need to finish the 10th grade course first. And then I have to learn a fourth language. German, French, or Spanish. German has too much grammar for me, since I don't know how to study, and French+Spanish sounds the same to me. (As in, the words in each language.) Then there's Biology. I don't have the memory to remember all the names of the things I need to learn. And there's math, which I'm somehow failing at. There's history, aswell, which has dates and names. And psychology later on, a subject filled up with common sense mixed with utter nonsense, with a hippy teacher whom I'd offend with my views if she gave a crap. She almost failed me for not liking Oprah, and only passed me (by 0.1) because I would raise arguments against her points during class. The only thing I'm not failing at is physics and chemistry, which are the subjects I'd like to take in University. But, no, it seems that all the books I need to learn have been translated in any language but English, and thus I have to learn those languages, too. Not to mention the fact that I've never had to study, so now I don't know how. And I have no motivation to put any actual work into it. Well, that doesn't matter, right? Just giving up and moving on is silly! You gotta keep trying forever! And, besides, there's no work that doesn't require at least high-school level of education! Nevermind that it's optional, or that nothing you learn in it is useful outside of education in a University, you just gotta finish this! :dry:

    /rant off. For now.
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    That actually sounds difficult.
    I am going back to school too, but the system is different.
    You need four years of your core classes (math, science, history, english) atleast two years of a foreign language (spanish, french, or latin), 3 years of electives, one year of a government class, and an assortment of small things like pe and health and computer stuff.

    Maybe we both need good luck for school

    Ps: Strange enough, Im taking an advanced class o-o
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    Physics and Chemistry are the only important ones in my book! I'd offer help in those subjects if you needed them, but from what i read, you seem to be doing fine.

    And I hate math. I HATE MATH. even though science has a shit load of it. If you need any help im here.
  4. ASkylitDrive

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    Ryan: I love science. :p Im going into Toxicology after I graduate this year!
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    Oh, yeah. I forgot PE. Gotta do PE for all 8 semesters. I mean, the fact that I can't run is irrelevant- You gotta do well enough or fail. (This includes both the physical part, and the educational part. Meaning that unless you know rules in some sports, you're gonna fail. Like I did. Woo.)

    I honestly think these kinds of systems are stupid. I mean, it's an optional level of education, so everything that has nothing to do with the 'main' course you're taking should be optional, yeah? Oh, wait, no. If you wanna be a physicist, you should be able to speak french while doing a marathon, and then recite poetry. Oh, and name a few plants while you're at it, just for kicks.

    If we had luck, we wouldn't need this. We'd be put in the 'Advanced' class for everything. I knew a girl who skipped 9th and 10th grade, and went straight for high-school, which she'll be finishing in 1.5 years. (And of course she gets to skip some courses which aren't relevant.)

    Ka laughs at us as we squirm and hope, before it crushes us.

    And, yeah, math is very important for science. To be crude, math is to a scientist what a hammer is to a carpenter. It's bound by real rules, has structure, and is the only real truth we can know.
  6. ASkylitDrive

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    PE is kind of a downfall for me too, especially since I have had past injuries haha.
    Yea, the systems Ive heard of are just as weird as the one here in the states. But there really isnt anything we can do about it.
    How many more semesters do you have Krem? I graduate this year :)
  7. Krem

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    Infinite. I WAS going to graduate in ~2 years, but every time I fail a subject, it puts me back 0.5 years.