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  1. This one, I know, I stole the first line from the Manson song "Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth". But, please, kudos and credit to him. And, I swear, the rest of the poem is totally by me:

    Rhymings of a Different Sort

    I'm on a campaign for pain
    To bestow upon you
    This shit is insane, complain
    You do what you always do
    This guillotine belongs to me
    I decapitate which of who

    Destruction's reconstruction
    In vitality of thee
    Sit back and watch my lonely heart
    Burn for all eternity
    And toss aside the angry blows
    You bequeath to me

    Hilarity, ye ill-bred fools
    Is such a simple thing
    Just slit your wrist to come to this
    Good tidings what I bring
    A mockery of Lord and God
    And of your stupid King

    You're the pot of whom I taught
    Your talent is of knack
    Call me kettle of which you nettle
    Insinuating me of black
    Hark who's hounding anyone
    Who nay like them to be lack?

    Solecism in the world
    Of hate and love and in between
    Can't we all just get along?
    Guess not, oh well, you're not so sheen
    I love you anyways you trick
    Of what you have not seen

    Get away while you still can
    There's no more time to be waste
    Grab your bag of infant tongue
    Release affinities to be haste
    As I sit back and watch you all
    And drink the blood-lick taste

    Bitter is the earth be it
    Such pitiful the intercedes
    To destruct the innards of
    The homeless because of their needs
    And whilst we're on the subject
    Let me show you where it leads

    I'm the one of which you seek
    The answers of life's questions
    I have no clue, and not for you
    I'm open to suggestions
    Whether they be ignorant
    Or stop my brain's congestion

    And in closing, there's goodbye
    We'll meet again tomorrow
    Maybe then, you'll be my friend
    My knowledge to be borrowed
    I am so sad that I may cry
    Leave me in my sorrow
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.