Ride Or Die

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  1. HarleyTwin

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    You had your life changed, for all the world to see,
    And here I still stand by – waiting faithfully,
    But in the hush-hush brushes of the undergrowth – the devil waits,
    And I prayed to God that you would realize your gravest mistake.

    You crawled from hell – battling the demons from your head,
    With chips on your shoulder that almost brought you death,
    And yet you swam back through the tides, and crossed the road alone,
    And you forget the ones who love you – still fight to bring you home.

    Freedom’s just another word, for nothing left to lose,
    You’re losing friends and family, and blocking out the proof.
    In all my years of loving you, and all the years of pain
    You got back up – but all for what? To go running back again?

    I know that there’s more fight in you. I see it through your tears.
    Please don’t steal the light away and crumble on the stares,

    You're not alone in fighting this, I've always been your net.
    Through this ride or die forever love,
    I’m the last one you'll have left.

    I've always been your ride or die – have you forgotten that?
    After all the hell you've put me through – why would you me take back?
  2. ub3

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    Wow Like a magician you put into words a peice of my broken soul....Thankyou
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