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    **Authors note:
    I’m not in my typically easy-going mood. I’m actually angry. Irritated. Bothered. All by a terrible song. Read on if you don’t mind mindless vitriol and disgust at the human condition. Profanity abounds….


    “does a song have no meaning because it has a final note?”

    Listening to a song called “Cry for you” by September. It’s apparently made the rounds on the radio for awhile, but I’ve only recently started listening to it, because I don’t typically listen to utter crap. A curious thing however, has happened. This song pisses me off. Not because it’s techno crap (it is) but because of the lyrics. The lyrics comprise the bulk of any song that has any worth, and the lyrics in this particular “gem” irritate me more than any I’ve heard in a good long while.

    I suppose that this song would be uplifting…or something. To someone who had a more idiotic view of their lives. But to me it’s stupid. Idiotic. Pointless. Irritating. Starry-eyed yuppie food. That’s what this crap is. I suppose that pretty much goes for any song within the “trance/techno” genre. I mean, any asshole that can fill the radio stations with a song whose sole lyrics are “oh tell me why..why we build castles in the sky…” obviously isn’t writing on the level of Mozart or Bach.

    Note to all aspiring DJ’s: Just because you talk about the stars, the clouds, the oceans or unicorns, does not make you fucking deep.

    Moving on….

    Anyways, back to this horrible song. The lyrics go as such:

    ”I never had to say goodbye
    You must have known I wouldn’t stay
    while you were talking about our life
    You killed the beauty of today

    Forever, and ever
    Life is now or never
    Forever never comes around”

    And it goes on like that. There are more lyrics, but it’s just more of the same crap. Now, as I’m listening to this song, I begin to consider the meaning of the song. Ultimately, it’s a girl who’s leaving her *significant whatever* because (s)he couldn’t “live for the moment” and appreciate the day. Instead, this person was contemplating the future, which invokes the refrain “Forever, and ever, life is now or never, forever’s gonna slow you down.” To which the singer adds, “you’ll never see me again” implying that she has moved on to find someone more ephemeral.

    So, now that I’ve explained the background details, I want to state my case for why this song is cancer to my better nature.

    I must have listened to this song a hundred times today alone. I’m sitting here with it on repeat, sinking into a philosophical abyss from which no thought can escape. I just keep turning the lyrics over and over and over in my head, trying to figure out the puzzle like some ancient relic. A few issues are bothering me specifically.

    Firstly, nobody can ever truly “live for the moment.” Nor can we live terribly effectively day to day. We have lives, which have consequences. You don’t like your husband or wife? Well, while divorce might seem like a great idea, the consequences are often too much for many people to immediately realize. Children, mortgages, car payments etc. etc. You can’t just leave your job and move to New York from California with a $50 bill in your pocket and strike it rich. Some have, yes. But the people that fail are probably the people on the street corners begging for change.
    It’s very sexy to talk about “following one’s dreams” and “risking it all” and “living in the moment” but the cold stark reality is that life requires a bit more fucking planning. 90% of all business ventures fail. So, clearly, 90% of all failed attempts are comprised of people who either fail at math, or are too stupidly optimistic to consider the algorithms.

    Secondly, it’s nice that the singer gets to walk away from someone who fails to appreciate the temporal in exchange for stability. In the meantime, the guy or gal who was planning, gets the shaft. Not only does the rejected get the awesome feeling of being rejected for not being an idiot, but a song gets made chronicling this rejection. How’s that for a kick to the groin? (I realize the song is not autobiographical, it’s merely an exaggerations. But that doesn’t make me any happier about it.)

    Third, “Forever never comes around”

    This part bugs me the most, and most likely because it’s true. Honestly, when I have a moment of calm introspection, contrasted against the backdrop of this song, I realize that the reason this all pisses me off so much, is because of the accuracy of it. It’s an uncomfortable truth to recognize. I wish I could just drop everything and follow my dreams. I wish I could be so stupid to assume that it mattered.
    But the cold reality of the matter, is that even if I did follow the singers advice, and “lived for the moment” as it were, I would never escape the reality that my life is in fact, no more valuable than when I was sitting at home, contemplating my miserable future and trying to figure out the most comfortable way to die. (I’m talking about amassing worldly accoutrements rather than choosing the manner of suicide. Let’s face it, life itself, is a form of suicide.)

    Life is just a tangent of Forever.

    In my angst, I turned to the internet as per usual. But sadly, unlike the game of scrabble, in which google can resolve any dispute, I found no solace in the sticky pages of the lawless ‘net.

    Yahoo answers had the usual gems.

    One morose poster, asked simply, “How can life have any meaning if we die?”

    Not willing to simply remain silent when the opportunity to look like an idiot surfaced, some brain-damaged poster responded,
    “does a song have no meaning because it has a final note?”

    My knee-jerk response is of course, point out the irrelevance of the answer in relation to it’s content. It’s self refuting. A song is not finite. It’s duration may be. But the song itself, has no expiration date. It can last as long as you choose it to. It’s life span is completely non-existent because it exists outside of such parameters. If you want to hear it again, you just click repeat and listen to it until you want to punch children in the face with starving baboons fired from a starving baboon cannon. *(a weapon of my own design, and a pretty kick-ass one might I add. To my detractors, I submit that you hit yourself with a baboon that just got fired out of a cannon with nothing to eat and see how you fare.)

    In any event, if by conducting some philosophical hand-stands we attempt to ascribe a form of immortality to the author of the song because of the previously stated immortal nature of the song itself, we would be incorrect in this assumption because it would ultimately depend on perspective. It doesn’t matter one’s philosophical perspective on weather or not I exist, because I can prescribe a dose of the scientific method to prove that I do, and the offending accuser can take a high dose of shut the fuck up. However, we cannot prove that our works grant us any form of immortality. Only philosophy can perform this feat. George Washington was not (in my eyes) granted any form of immortality that matters by his works. Perhaps his name or his deeds will forever remain in the collective consciousness, but that is not true immortality because it depends on my acceptance of this concept. (I don’t.)

    Simply because you did something does not grant you immortality in my eyes. Your contribution is meaningless. Like having children. Your contribution to the genetic pool is irrelevant. The organism exists because of you, yes. But that factor is in and of itself, devoid of any meaning or value.

    Oh god…the track has cycled again. God only knows how many times I’ve listened to this song. I wonder why I’m punishing myself like this. Twisting the song around in my head, searching for universal truth in euro-pop.

    The love we have for others, and that of others for us. The insult of being used, is only less painful to the insult of being once cared for and soon forgotten. We value our transient lives, and the transient, meaningless relationships we fill them with. “Till death do you part” is, in a morbidly humorous way, not as long as it seems and loses some of it’s solemn nature when under the lamp of this observation.

    Forever, and ever
    Life is now or never
    Forever never comes around”
    -People love and let go-
    You’ll never see me again. And no one’s going to cry for you. You’ll never see me again.
    No matter what you do.

    The pain that I feel in my chest, is merely the impact of hitting the rock bottom shortly after falling like Lucifer to philosophical hell.

    When all is said and done, it bothers me greatly that such a shitty song, at this point, makes me feel so worthless. Just goes to show the lengths i'm going to, to find a justification to draw the next breath.
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    I actually read the whole thing. Nothing to add cept to say it was very well written.
  3. ashes_away

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    I have to re read this after I get some sleep.Nice rant..and ever the writer you are..you may possibly think too much...and yes songs can be so banal..how about Miley Cyrus's The Climb..lol..anyways..after I sleep ...
  4. X-51

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    I make it a point to never listen to the radio, but I'll take your word on the miley cyrus. *chuckle*

    I dunno. It was an odd thing, to be so aggravated by such a terrible song. I suppose you're probably right. I tend to over-analyze things, much to my own chagrin.
  5. ashes_away

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    i hear ya about the radio.But I get comfort from hearing the dj's voices.It is immediate live..life.I so need something ..live..so the songs become a baby blanket for me.However..Josh Groban sings in Italian and that sometimes rises me out of my infancy.:smile:
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