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Riggt niow!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Aurora Gory Alice, Jul 11, 2010.

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  1. Aurora Gory Alice

    Aurora Gory Alice Well-Known Member

    pleadde help i am an idioopr...........
    arrrrrrrrggghh nhelp me pleasesadfj;befjlblwebjffwe
  2. Marty482

    Marty482 Well-Known Member

    Please tell us whats wrong? I hope you are ok. I just said aprayer for you. Tell us whats bothering you. PLEASE We want to help and will ofer you help and hope and love!!!!

    You can always write me,

  3. Aurora Gory Alice

    Aurora Gory Alice Well-Known Member

    I;ve taken something
  4. Marty482

    Marty482 Well-Known Member

    What are you talking about? Youve taken something? What? Something you shouldnt have is that what you mean? If you have please cal an ambulance. I just said a prayer for you and hope you are alright. PLEASE DONT HURT YOURSELF. PLEASE stay here with us. We will givre you help and love. WE CARE. PLEASE LET US KNOW YOU AR OK.
  5. Perfect Melancholy

    Perfect Melancholy SF Friend

    Hey sweetie you know my pm is always open if you need to talk, you have done so much to help me, let me give you some support back :console: :hug:
  6. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    If you think what ever you've taken may be fatal, hurry up and call someone! :O

    Go to the hostpital or something D:

    We hope yer gonna be ok :(
  7. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    Hi Alice. What have you taken? I'm having a hard time deciphering your post.
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