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  1. sofie

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    I made the right decision today .... I turned down an offer to cheat on my husband---a VERY tempting offer, I might add. I know, I know -- why would I consider it in the first place?! Well, because that is part of my problem -- I seek out situations that simply cause me pain. I realized last night that the ONLY way I can not continue this cycle is to simply STOP continuing the damn cycle. So, I sent the man a clear email rejection and feel better....I think????
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  2. Petal

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    You are correct, you made the right decision. Are you unhappy in your relationship? So glad you did not choose to cheat. The grass isn't always greener on the other side, had you cheated you could have lost the most important person in your life. You need to look after YOU and be yourself (damn I listen to too much eminem lol). How are you feeling otherwise hun?
  3. sofie

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    I am not unhappy in my relationship -- I actually love my husband SO, SO much. It is a self-defeating cycle I get into....this need to provide pleasure or be used by a man.....it is messed up, I know.

    Otherwise, how am I doing??? Sometimes good, sometimes horrible -- let myself have a melt down this morning to just embrace the pain and let it go....that helped, actually, but then I made a concerted effort to have today NOT be a day where I fantasize about suicide all day....we will see how that works out.
  4. Petal

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    Y'know I think I know where you are coming from because my bpd made me risk-take when i was a young teenager and its a rush of adrenaline. Wanting to be naughty (excuse the pun) seems attractive. What I will tell you to do is remind your husband today about how much you love him and plan something nice just for the two of you even if its only going to the movies or a picnic.

    I am glad you planned not to think of suicide all day, even typing suicide forum in every day can get you going! It does for me but I always smile because I'm not suicidal, I'm here to help :) Have a suicidal thought-free day, spend time with your husband and get out of the house for a while, go to the park or shops, anywhere doing stuff will take your mind off suicide.

    ((big hugs)) to you!!
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  5. sofie

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    Thanks, Petal :) I like your idea of doing something special with my husband -- will do that.
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    I am glad you found something to make you feel better about yourself and it is a thing to feel good about. Anytime you can recognize a situation and exercise control to do what is going to make you feel better in the long run you have had a major success. I am really happy that you gave yourself the opportunity to feel good about your decision.
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