right move I hope so...scared!!

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    Manged to convince my DR that im well enough to go back to work so starting back tomorrow. Im looking forward to it for the most part. Although not entirely sure im ready. My anger is extremely explosive at the mo im constantly cycling between hyper and angry. I'll be happy to occupy my mind for more than a hour. I'm going to have to bury some issues before I get in the building, because when I called my manager today to tell him I would be returning I heard the site manager in the background say "I saw him shopping Monday so he can't be that bad". How the eff does that work?? So because im mentally ill according to him I shouldn't be out in public?? Nothing would honestly bring me more pleasure than walking in and loosening his jaw for him. Although it would make me realy happy to do so its probably not the best idea. So yeah tomorrow is going to go one of two ways.... me doing a days work and feeling really happy or dislodging my managers mandible, getting fired... and still be really happy. WIN WIN situation ain't had one of those for a while, see im seeing the positives these days :) wish me luck
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    good luck! he may think that mental illness is like physical illness in a way, where you can't get out b/c you just dont have it in you to get out... therefore figured that you must be a lil better, not even knowing what he was talking about.. just a possibility... something to consider so you dont lose your job!! but wish you all the best!! take care and have a good day tomorrow!