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RIP Ashley: The Best Friend I'll Ever Know


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2 years today since the best friend I'll ever have left the world...Scratch that, the best friend anybody will ever have....No, the best person anybody will ever know. There aren't words to describe the sorrow in my soul or the guilt in my mind, but I'll try my best...I just wish my best could be good enough for once....​

A place in my heart,
Belongs just to you.
The one who believed,
And helped me through.

You told me to put
Down the razor and pick up the food
And I didn't see
You had all the same problems
Yet you were helping me...

There are so many things I never told you
All the thanks caught in my throat
You said I'm smart and beautiful
Even in your final note...

Am I throwing it in your face?


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I am so sorry for your loss...but why do you feel guilt? It sounds like you tried to be the best friend you could be as well...J


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I'm so sorry you lost your dear friend Mel...
and even sorrier about your Mum saying that..

Ashleys Mum has told you it wasn't your fault so please believe her..
there is no way she would say that if she didn't believe it..


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