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RIP daddy...


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only 50 years old. when you where 45 did you not get the hit to stop smoking and drinking after the first heart attack. then on the 13th of feb 2011 found in your flat after the second. im so angry you lft me daddy, tho all i can do is forgive you and remember the good times we had. and one day look up at you and smile without a tear on my face. i miss you sooo much already daddy. one day well meet again. one day. till them keep a seat at the bar warm for me.


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Hugs to you Angi! So sorry for your loss. Not easy.

Its never easy losing a parent and I can't promise the pain will subside but I can say it helps to cling tight to the good memories, precious moments together... and remember that he would want you to live your life to the full, to do all you can to be the best You that only YOU can be... You go girl and do your Dad proud!
Thinking of you, hang in there! x


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thanks ditsy :) ye i think of him all t he time. play my dads songs. jsut remember allt he good times n forget the bad. i dont want to think of him that way. wana remeber him drunk n tlking to him about aunt bessies' boob milk XD good times x


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5 months today. its meant to get easier. but its just geting harder. i miss you so much. 5 months is a long time to go without daddy huggles. or without hearing you daft jokes. il come by when i come home. give you some flowers. its the least i can do... i miss you.


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i had a lovely day out today. tho it ended in bowling. that was a lil family thign we did. once a week me ma da, my brother and my mum would go bowling. it was great. so i got to bowl and watch a dad n his daughter messing around jsut wishing it was me n my dad. still had to keep a smiel on my face for you daddy x you wouldnt want me to be miserable x


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*im just gona keep posting on this thread so im not makin a million threads everytime i miss my dad soo much it just plain hurts and aches everywhere*
ok so today went to my BF's mum's BF's house for dinner. with my BF's grandparents. and ....lets call him frank as my bfs mums bf. his daughter was there, which is hard enough. but then it was my bf( urm.... mark?)'s nan tht realy set it all off. i mean god bless her shes the sweetest woman ever x but she then went off about 'mark's' mum when she was younger. then marks grandad joined in. n then talked about teaching here everything he did. then frank started talkin about it with his daughter too. and how hes gona be there to teach her to drive and everything. so tht was tough to just sit there n listen to. just smile n nodd. so back home now. im desperate for a cuddle so i ask mark for one. he says ok im just sendin a message to my dad give me a min. so he sends his message and then gives me a quick cuddle before its interupted by his dad again. n i duno wot it is bt he just keep tlkin about how private it is. n hw between him n his dad it is. n its bs tbh. i told him my private moments with my dad, yet he wnt tell me something tht prob dnt even matter. unless its another woman (which ive suspected for awhile now) in which case shes welcome to him. il push him into her arms n give them my blessings. i need my dad more than ever now. bt he left me. i miss u daddy

thanks for the support and cuddles fomr everyone here xxx i like cuddles ^^ ( not to sound creepy haha) :hug:


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I knew this happened before from talking to you a few months ago.. Tragic, and I'm glad you made this thread.

RIP your dad

P.S. I hope it's not true that your BF is cheating on you. :(


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6 months now since u left. feelin lik shit. then havin ur bf try n get sympothy frm u coz his dad is still alive BOO FUCKIN HOO!!!! get over it. if u dad was so poor he wudnt have bought a 3DS the day it came out. i dnt wana listen about he sad ur dads life was ok. i dnt give a fuck about the ****. all i want ym dad back. he had a shit life too. but he didnt complain. he just got on with it. its fuckin pathetic what some people bitch n moan about. i miss my dad. if i sacrafice his dad can i get mine back? coz im seriously thinkin a kife to my bf's throat is a good idea..... maybe his dad too. just soo pissed off right now. i need my dad now...


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He will never be forgotten bby. Love can never be bought as your bf's Dad seems to believe. Never let anything sour your love for your own Dad because the bond you two shared was truly incredible. Take comfort in how good he was and how he was yours. He will love you till the very end and its not the end yet. Nowhere near. I love you so much Angi. Keep holding on for your future. Our future. I am so proud of you for coming as far as you have since the day we met. I will never let you go <3


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I'm sorry for your loss. As you said try to remember all of the good memories.
There will be a time for you to see your father again. Are you a bible reader? At John 5:28,29 it says "All those in the memorial tombs will come out." That scripture gave me hope when I lost my grandfather, I hope this gives you hope as well.

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