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  1. GS9

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    Even though its been over a year,
    I just wanted to know that i love
    I'm so sorry that you had to see me like that,
    You were there for me, always
    If i ever needed to talk you always had a ear open
    You were always so cheerful
    You could make the brightest room shine with light
    i love you so much

    IM SO SORRY that you had to see me like i was
    You where there for me in the army
    You were the only one there for me
    Out of all the darkness that was emerging you gave me light

    I'm sorry i fought the tears at your funeral,
    I hope you are at peace

    I'm going to college now
    My sister Jill had another baby
    And Stephanie had a child too

    I Just wished I could have seen you one last time...

    RIP Aunt LINDA,
  2. GS9

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    Linda passed away 2008 after thanksgiving due to compactions due to diabetes

    She was a great person, very upbeat and always gave her kindness to every
  3. total eclipse

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    You are caring and kind like your aunt I am sorry for your loss.
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