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RIP Little Guy

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Fly Free

Play with your girl

Frolick with my boy

Know you will always be in my heart

And physically next to your girl

You were with me half my life, and for the rest of it you will be safely carried in my heart with all the others.

You sparkled and shined, and lived life to the full.

I love you so much, I will miss you deeply, your breathing, hunger, glint, life, soul.

Wait for me at Rainbow Bridge

Play with the others

Introduce them to the old guys and girls, the ones you knew but they didn't.

You are at peace now, you can hump from dawn to dusk.

I love you little Tub

Sweet dreams Bright eyes


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The first time I laid eyes on you. A beautiful little grey bundle hiding in the corner. But no, you weren't Skippy, you were someone who looked the same, but you were new. You were so fluffy, so fat, so trusting. I loved you instantly.

I think back now, to the time you tried to hump Oz and broke your leg, you came running over to me as if to say 'Owie, it hurts'. We took you to the vets, thought you weren't coming back, but you did, and only a few weeks later you were trying to jump over the box that was keeping you imobolised.

Last summer when you seemed to take Mama as your next girl, at 11 years old you still remained a horny bugger.

A couple of weeks ago, when we swapped hutchs, checking to see if you could still run, could have a bigger one, we put you down in the hall, and off you shot. You had a duff front leg, long ago healed, but not 100%, you had a duff back leg, from breaking it in a frisky moment in September, and that had fixed itself at a 90' angle from where it should have been, but you shot off, so fast. I couldn't believe it. Still feisty, still so full of life.

But brittle bones got you again. The other back leg this time. I was not going to let you suffer, let you be in pain, let you deteriorate. I let you sleep, for eternity. You weren't ready to go, but you would have had no quality of life.

Half my life you were my friend, now you are a memory.

I love you old man


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I don't like to think of you out there, cold and alone. I know it's not really you though. These urges, the ones to get you in, warm you up, cuddle you tight, are easier to fight than another time, the time I lost my world.

I know that is not you out there, your spirit has already gone, I just need to keep telling myself that. It is only a body, not you, it is the physical form that carries the soul, and your soul has already gone.

You know what Tub? I know when you went, I felt it, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. I know that was you flying free, it was only momentary and then it was gone.

She said it was poeaceful. I am sorry I was a coward and went outside, Mum was there, but I was having a panic attack. I was having 'Flash'backs, and I was just plain selfish and scared. I cuddled you tight one last time, I told you I loved you. I know it was the right thing to do, I have a selfish relief that for once it was not my fault, I have an unselfish relief that I know you are at peace and not suffering. But alongside that, I miss you already.

I love you my darling, you will be buried next to your one and only love you rampant rabbit.

Sleep tight my angel
Awwww hun :sad: I wish i could say something productive to at least try ease the pain but i can't, i dunno what i can say to you except my deepest sympathy go out to you and you are in my thoughts. Stay strong through this difficult time, your are not alone, we are here to support you.

Take care

Vikki x


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Thanks guys, it's ok, it was right, I just need to get this stuff outta my head, that's all.

* * * * *

Losing you, my eternal bunny has made me think about and fear the mortality of my other buns.

It's scary

So fragile


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I too have animal friends waiting for me in God's Meadow, just over the Rainbow Bridge. When I die I don't want to live in Heaven, I want to live in The Meadow with my critters. I understand how you feel, totally. I just had to let my little rat-girl Merri go a few weeks ago.:sad: She wasn't herself. She didn't do the things she used to do and she couldn't be who she used to be. I'm sorry for your loss.:sad: The only comfort I can offer is that your bunny is healthy and whole now, not aged or suffering or debilitated. And living in The Meadow (that's what I call that place) there are no predators, no hunger, no illness or injury. Only sunshine and warm soft grass to run and play in.:smile:

Are you going to have/get another bunny? When one of my companion critters dies I always get another, to give another animal the same good life that the last one had. Just to give my love to another, as I'd given my love to the one now gone. The love just keeps on going and going...:smile:

love and hugs to you,


PS; could I call you by another name? I just can't bring myself to call you by the one you call yourself - it's too cruel, too unkind.:sad:


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I am sorry to hear about your loss. The loss of a loved one, animal or human, is terrible. Thank you for your response, I know you are right, he is happy and horny and running and playful, and with all the others bunnies we have previously had.

With regards to getting another one, I already have another 8 here and living and loving, and next week I have another litter due, which hopefully she will give birth to live. If not, I know I won't cope.

I love my buns to bits, I live for them, without them I would not be here, and each time one of them dies, it kills me a little more.

But yes, like you, I am determined to go to their afterworld. It's a better place.

Thank you so much for your words, they were really comforting.

Take care

PS, My name is totally suitable for me. Some people on here have started calling me 'S' though. But in my eyes, Scum says it all perfectly


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Well, S, I don't believe you are scum - certainly not to your bunnies!:smile: And not to me either, as no one who cares so much for animals, theirs or any others, is scum, but rather a loving person!:smile:

love and hugs from an old bunny-lover who was born in the Year of The Rabbit 55 yrs ago...


we have living with us: one beagle, one aged crippled Bunners, two budgies, three mice, six cats, and two rat girls - one of whom just had twelve babies last week!


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Thanks for the responses guys.

* * * *

Being buried today

Marked by a beautiful pure white rose

Next to your love and her deep red rose

Never to be forgotten
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