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RIP Micah



He now rests in the shadow of the Lord.

We said our goodbyes last night. We played music to lift up your family and to praise our Father, and in the end we cryed and hugged and learned a bit more about you and your sacrifices and how you came closer to God than I ever will. :sigh:

I will see you again one day...but not yet. Not yet.
Rest dear Micah...your troubles are over.


thanks guys.

This is a story to illustrate the kind of guy he was;

He had done some time in prison, and some of the guys there, didnt like the fact that he was a Christian. One day, he was called out by one of those guys. He walked down to the end of a hallway and there was this huge 300 lb man that told him he was there to kill Micah. Micah said to him, Look you do what you have to do, but before you do that, let me tell you something. Micah proceeded to tell the man of the God's grace. And when he was done, that 300 lb man had put his head on Micah's shoulder and was crying. That was Micah.

There are so many other stories...he really was a good soul.

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