rip s.a.c i'll miss u!!

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    this is a story about a good friend of mine named steven. we grew up in the same schools since 2nd grade. he was the only one who seemed nice to me and would at least talk to me when others didn't. as time went by we went out own separate ways but he was still around. one morning i was late to one of my college classes and i was rushing to get there and a friend was calling me. me getting upset b/c she knew i had a class i answered it and was like "what do u need?" she asked me if i knew steven i said "sure yeah we used to be great friends through school" she told me he passed away. i kinda laughed it off b/c every year somebody we knew died from something so i was like "how did this one die, car wreck? drugs?" she was like "no he killed himself." i immediately dropped my phone and began screaming. people walking around in the building rushed over to me to comfort me, but i didn't want to believe he can't be dead...not this way. so i went to the main office and asked for a phone book they gave it to me and i called his house demanding to talk to him, b/c i knew he wasn't dead. but sadly his mom told me he passed away the night before. i hung up and could not stop crying. this can't happen to one of my friends. soon though i eventually changed my major to psychology so i can help people like me and him and i hope to never ever lose another friend to suicide, it hurts to much and i miss him so badly. the worst thing was i loved close to him and i didn't even know it until he died. if any of you is thinking suicide please rethink because you just don't know the damage it does to your family and friends. seek help, call a friend do something because it's never to late to change your life around. i wish my friend would have but he is gone and i am still here living on trying to help people just like how he was.
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    I'm sorry you are dealing with this pain and i hope your ok :hug: :(