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    Three years ago, my friend, Anthony, killed himself. He shot himself in the head in his truck, after scribbling out a suicide note to friends and family. We are not sure the reason why he did it.

    On 9.9.09, my best friend, James, died of epilepsy. He had a seizure and fell down two flights of stairs, breaking his neck. The pain is still hard to bear. I've been in mourning for over a year, unable to get over it.

    Loss is hard, I'm still not completely over it. But, I know that its nothing to try and kill myself over. I realize that now. It only took me three years..
  2. IV2010

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    Ashley I'm so sorry for both your losses..*hugs*
    I'm glad though that you're not going to hurt yourself...
    grief takes as long as it takes to get through it..there is no set time frame..
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    Hi Ashley...we all grieve at our own pace and get through these traumas how we can...I wonder, when we lose someone so dear, do we ever 'get over' it? I feel I have 'adjusted' to the losses but still feel them each day...J
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    Im sorry for you loss, and glad that youve been able to have some peace within.
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    Its really hard to "get over it", you're right. You never truly do. You just learn to accept it. I'm still not over it, I cry ever day and its been a long time. Every little thing reminds me of them and it hurts.
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    Can you remember the good times you shared? Maybe write a good bye note for some closure. I do believe they can hear you, maybe pick a quiet place to have a conversation with them, tell them how much you love them, how much your going to miss them, how much of an impression that they made on your life.
  7. anasgirlx

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    I've written them both letters for some closure (suggested by my therapist) and it hasnt helped. I feel like its a waste of time..