Rising Pedestal

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  1. InnerStrength

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    “Rising Pedestal”

    Happiness, on a gliding, elusive pedestal
    Becomes a wanton mockery
    Casting a pale pallor on this ivory face

    A staple for this misguided silhouette
    Is faulting grace for impunity and inaccessibility
    The pedestal rises again
    Shielding what is rightfully mine
    Keeping a tight reign on torment
    It stays put, like a half-dead parasite

    Church bells ringing in my ears
    Bringing a stern warning
    Of the lack of salvation

    Or maybe the bells warn of imminent silence...
    I’ve dug my own grave
    But shadow-fused light waits just beyond

    Happiness, joy, ecstacy, are pawns of us
    All too often, though, we let them take control

    So jump on that dormant horse, and cut off those restraining reigns
    Cause and effect is a reliable friend, if somewhat unpredictable
    If you’ve spit in the face of torment
    Let me know it’s expression
    It should be surprised

    The rising pedestal seems so far away
    But this synthetic self takes the day
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  2. theleastofthese

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    I'm not sure I understand your message... but it reads beautifully!:smile:

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