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Risperdal is a medication for schizophrenia, bipolar type 2, depression, and anxiety. I'm not schizophrenic, but I have bipolar type two, depression, and anxiety. My neurologist put me on this med. Is anyone else on it? I heard it's a pretty heavy duty drug, and I'm just a bit afraid of what will happen. I know he's the doctor and knows what he's doing, but I just want some input on the drug from someone who takes it.

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DEpends on the dose you are on for anxiety it will not be that high
I am to start .25mg of it as well for anxiety that is a very small dose so chances are the side effects will be nil.
You can get some heart racing feeling from it some sweating but i think that is with larger doses.
Let me know how it works for you okay
I too am struggling in whether or not to go on it
i should really as my doc says it does help with anxiety issues


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you're pretty lucky you have a neurologist and not just a psychiatrist. Risperdol is ok but can make you gain lots of weight...didn't really help me


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I am taking 3mg, so I'm on all these heavy hitters, and I still hear voices. I've been severely reduced on Geodon, to make it last longer, because I am nearly out. That is until I get my 90 day supply.

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