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Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Khvde, Aug 17, 2016.

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    Hello beautiful members of SF. I started using Roaccutane 10 mg yesterday. My doctor said 10 mg should be enough. He also said I don't have to give blood since 10 mg isn't too much.

    Have you ever used Roaccutane? How much have you used? Do you think it is wise of me not to give blood because I only take 10 mg Roaccutane?
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    What is its purpose?
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    Hi, Khvde, I've never taken accutane myself. I know one person who took it decades ago (probably high dose because I don't recall there being a low dose then) and it cleared her acne. Seems good that they've been able to lower the doses. :)

    I googled "Roaccutane 10 mg" - there are some support/discussion boards online. There seem to be other people on low-dose accutane drugs. Perhaps you could do a search too and find the info you want there.

    If you have questions about the drug, the side effects, and the need to be monitored for your specific case, your pharmacist and your doctor are the people to ask. They know you and the are ones with professional training and knowledge of the medication and its effects.

    Good luck with your low dose treatment! Let us know how it's going! :)