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  1. pogosticker

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    Basically, you just think up a character and write about their experiences during a zombie apocalypse. You can run into other peoples' characters, and interact. Only post a paragraph or two, so it's relatively easy to follow and stay up to date with.

    You can't kill or injure others peoples' characters. You *can* throw them into hopeless circumstances, like Character A ran past Character B, as the huge crowd of zombies charged towards them. But then the person controlling 'Character B' can easily change their character's fate, with something like Character B, noticing the approaching mass of zombies, instinctively began to run.. though with a bronze medal for sprinting in the Olympics meant it wasn't long before he outpaced Character A. He ran for a house up ahead, kicked open the door, and watched as Character A ran toward him "In hear!" he shouted.
    While you can throw other people's characters into situations like the one above, you can't control what happens to their character. That's up to the person who's character it is.
    You can work together, or you can just tell the story of your character without interacting with others.
    Try not to have unlimited ammo/explosives.. try to be reasonably realistic, otherwise it takes the fun away.

    If you're posting something that's not part of the story, label it OOC:
    (out of character)

    So, something like..

    The zombies were gaining on them. The stench was unbearable. He reloaded his shotgun and took aim.

    OOC: This is so much fun! Anyone want their character to meet mine?

    And also be sure to label your post with your character's name.

    So with that, let's begin.. and please, people, get involved! Let's have some fun and make this work!


    Mary sat in her pink-themed bedroom on her pink silk bedding whilst cuddling her pink feathered cushion as she tried switching on the TV with the remote. Despite pressing the power button, nothing happened. She continued pressing it for a good 5 minutes, before noticing there were no batteries in it. Despite this, she continued pressing the power button, completely perplexed by how nothing was happening. "Whatever" she thought as she gave up and headed towards the window.
    A man stood in the middle of the road. He was covered in blood, missing one arm while the other hung on via a piece of flesh, and his face appeared to be rotting.
    "Oh my gosh! Mister! Are you ok?" she called out to him.
    The man looked up at her, made a sinister grunting noise, and began darting towards her house.

    OOC: Hope I'm not playing this by myself! lol :p
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    Jim woke up with a startled jerk, the same way as always. He thought to himself "Boy I'm starting to feel old" as he scratched his beard.

    Jim was only 27 when the zombie apocalypse started. He couldn't figure out how things got so out of control, but it really didn't matter anymore, all he had time to think about was how to stay alive.

    Jim struck a match and lit a cigarette. With an ache in his left shoulder he regretted sleeping on the hard concrete floor. He said out loud "I'm really starting to miss my old bed."

    He carefully accounted for his belongings as he did every morning. He whispered to himself, "I'm down to 5 MREs. I need to go shopping." With a grunt he slung his backpack on to his shoulder.

    OOC: Not sure if I messed up your zombie universe, but I'm giving it my best shot.
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    Mary's heart began to pound as something sounded as if it was trying to tear down the front door. "Who is it?" she called out, clueless.
    She lived up in her mansion, all paid for by her father, and never had to deal with anything like this. Her security fence usually dealt with unwanted visitors. How did this one get in?
    "If you don't leave.. right now.. daddy's not going to be pleased! I will call him, and he'll send over every available policeman!" she shouted matter-of-factly.
    Despite this, she didn't know 'daddy's' number, nor that of the police. So she crept towards the door, placing her eye on the peep hole. Before she could get a good glimpse, a fist broke through and clawed at her blouse. She let loose a deafening scream, but managed to break free, falling backwards onto the floor. "This is an £800 blouse!" she wailed, rocking back and forth, covered in someone else's blood.
    She somehow managed to pull herself together, and exited the house via the back door. Luckily her forgetfulness appeared to come in handy as she had left the garage open, and the keys still in the ignition of her pink hummer. She climbed in, took off her heels and flung them over her shoulder into the back seat, and put her foot down. "Shopping!!!!" she screamed with glee, noticing daddy's credit cards beside her.

    OOC: No, that was great! Thanks for playing! I guess we all just work it out as we go along. Hopefully others will get involved too, it gets fun when it gets going. :)
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    Bob glanced around the room at the group of zombies that he had just taken care of. "Well," He mumbled under his breath as he checked himself for bites "I better move along before more come."

    He quickly gathers his belongings and heads out carefully looking around for any stray zombies that might be lurking around the building.

    Upon finding the door he slowly opens it with his sawed off shotgun grasped in his other hand. carefully he steps outside and tries to rush down the road until he comes upon a group of survivors talking heatedly on the side of the road.
  5. BrinkOfExistence

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    Vic sat watching his CCTV screen in his security office situated just outside the hospital, he was surprised at the high number of patients entering the hospital with minor wounds, Vic turned to his co-worker "do you know what's going on over there?" his co-worker shrugged his shoulders and replied "no but i better get down there in case it gets out of control".
    Vic followed his co-worker's movements via the CCTV, as he was watching, a young deceased woman being moved to the morgue caught his eye, Vic decided to watch her instead, his eyes followed her as she passed from one screen to another until she was finally placed on a table in the morgue and the two porters left, Vic glanced over to another screen and saw his co-workers seperating a fight vic radio'd to him "everything ok down there?" "nothing i can't handle" he replied, Vic looked back at the woman in the morgue he noticed she was laying on the floor, Vic stood up and looked closer, the supposedly deceased woman raised her head and started crawling across the floor "oh my god that woman is still alive" Vic grabbed his flashlight and radio'd to his co-worker "meet me at the morgue ASAP" Vic was unaware that if he had looked at his CCTV screen labelled 'Main Lobby' he would of seen his co-worker being eaten alive by the two people he tried to seperate earlier.

    OOC: it's quite fun this.
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    OOC: Yay! Glad this is taking off! One thing, though, is that we seem to be at different points during the zombie overrun. Like in Jim and Bob's timeline the zombie invasion has already happened and is now the norm. But Vic and Mary are in a time where the invasion is only just beginning. After arc's post, I tried to explain Mary being clueless about the invasion by making her dumb, and in a mansion with high security so it took a while for her to notice what was happening out in the world.

    I thought it would have been cool if we could begin writing this somewhere at the beginning of the zombie outbreak, and then write about the characters discovering it and it getting worse, but our characters seem to be in different timelines so far. I don't want to discount peoples' posts, because they're all good, but our timeline seems a bit jumbled!

    Not sure what to do now!

    As Mary drove through town she noticed a house ablaze and a bunch of looters raiding the one beside it. Up ahead she saw what appeared to be a woman getting mugged. She drove on, ignoring her horrific cries for help. Mary cared little about the people in this neighbourhood. They might as well be slums. She'd never associate with the people here. The woman getting attacked probably did something to deserve it, she thought snobbishly.
    There was a foul smell in the air. The streets here had always been less than pleasant smelling, but this was something else. It smelled of rotting flesh. Mary tried her best to drive with one hand as she placed the other over her nose.
    She pulled into the shopping centre car park, which was near deserted. Strange, she thought, given it was a Saturday and the sun was out. But she shrugged her shoulders, put her heels back on, and exited the car.
    As she walked towards the entrance, there was only one thing on her mind. A new outfit! Paid for using daddy's credit card!
    As she contemplated whether to buy something in baby pink or hot pink, she failed to notice the man with his intestines hanging out heading towards her.
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    OOC - My thought is this could be explained geographically. I'm in a place that is overrun, but you could be in a remote community that just feeling the effects. If we can agree that this is the case, I am going to "leave town" to get to a safe place and can meet up with the other characters. So Bob are you with me? lol
  8. BrinkOfExistence

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    OOC: yeah i think it's best we assume that the severity of the outbreak is based our geographical locations.


    Vic ran across the car park, it took several minutes to get to the backdoor leading to the morgue department, he rifled through his keys which took another minute or so "c'mon where is it?....ha gotcha" Vic opened the door and step inside the door slammed shut plundging the already dimmed corridor into further darkness, the slamming off the door echoed throughout the corridor, Vic could hear a faint sound of groaning, he assumed it was the woman and began to run to the source of the groaning "hello are you ok?" Vic said has he opened the door to the morgue, he could see the woman laying on the floor, she looked up at him and let out a louder groan, her skin was pale and her eyes white, Vic ran over grabbed her arm and tried to pull her up, he fell back and onto the floor, he looked at the woman and noticed that she had skin and muscle missing from her arm where he had grabbed her, he looked at his hands, they were covered in blood and next to him was the flesh he had pulled off. The woman grabbed his boot pulled herself closer and started biting at his boots "stop that" shouted Vic, he quickly jumped to his feet and stepped back "what's going on?" Vic decided to leave the room and called over the radio to his co-worker "hey are you there? where are you? over" No reply, Vic peered through he window of the morgue door he could see the woman effortlessly crawling around the room, he decided to head to the main entrance to find his co-worker.
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    Jim crept up to the door way of the house he stayed in. Slowly he peeked through the window careful checking the streets outside. He whispers to himself "nothing but the birds". Quietly he slipped outside into the bright streets. As he walked down the street he wondered what he would be doing if the zombie apocalypse had never occurred. Would he still be at that dead end call center job, or would he be the boss, or better yet would he be on vacation in some far off place? A place where the zombies wouldn't find him? Suddenly a thought flashed in to his mind! "I need to get out of here" he thought. "Away from this city! I need to get to a remote place. Somewhere free of infection. Maybe the mountains!" Please with himself, he almost felt reborn. Now he felt the calling of purpose! These past few days, in constant fear for his life, the stress and fatigue were almost too much.

    He walked briskly up the street to the old supermarket. He wondered if anything would be left for him there. Hopefully only a few zombies would be hanging around. In and out clean, no bites, no horde, that how he liked it. "Only 4" he said as he neared the supermarket parking lot. He reached behind his neck and pulled his baseball bat out, unfortunately it was the only thing he had for dealing with zombies.

    As he entered the parking lot he began to jog with his trusty wooden bat in the right hand. "A quick in and out. I can do this. I'll just give them the slip in the back of the store." he told himself. He broke out in to a flat out run, past the first zombie, no problems. He fourth one is right in front of the door. As he runs he cocks the bat in his right hand back, ready to swing he continued towards the door at a fast pace. As he swung the bat at the zombie he had a flash of a memory from his childhood. Playing baseball at the park, those where the good old days. Remembering that epic home run when he was 13.

    The zombie fell to the ground with a thud as Jim stood over the lifeless corpse. Other then a few twitches, the deed was done. He slipped in to the supermarket to scavenge what he could. Canned food, that the loot he was after. He shoved cans of beans, tuna, and beets in to his bag. As he headed to the back door of the supermarket, he noticed some blood on the floor. He followed the trail with his eyes to the managers office. In the window he saw Pete Saranger, his old buddy from high school. "Poor Pete" he thought, "He is with them now". He quietly slipped out the back door. In and out, clean, just like he liked it.

    OOC I really need to do more proof reading, but here I go anyways :p
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    Lucy had narrowly escaped the zombies, and now she was trying to find a safe haven. She drove and drove until she found a deserted supermarket. She checked everywhere, just to make sure there were none of the gruesome creatures around. She took her rifle with her just in case one would unexpectedly sneak up on her.

    She cautiously entered the supermarket, scanning all over nervously, being on her best guard. "Hello, is there anyone here?" she called out, hoping to find someone who was still human.

    Lucy quickly swung around when she heard some boxes being knocked over behind her. She aimed her rifle right between Jim's eyes, not aware that he was not "one of them".

    OOC: There you go arc :p
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    OOC: damn you guys get straight into the action, don't worry i'll speed things up and get to the zombie ass kicking in my next post.


    Vic ran through the corridors following the blue line on the wall which would lead him to the main entrance, he decided to take a short cut through a ward, as he opened the door he could he the same groans that the woman made, he kept quiet and decided to sneak through the ward, the lights were off and the natural light from outside was blocked out by the nearby buildings, Vic heard a noise behind him he truned around, but nothing was there as he turned back he was grabbed by a man who tried to sink his teath into Vic but Vic managed to push him back, the man lunged for Vic again, Vic swung at the man with his right fist and took the man's jaw completely off, Vic stepped back and gasped in shock, The man turned his head back towards Vic and started walking towards him Vic ran out of the ward and into a corridor, he could see the door at the end corridor leading to the main entrance, he picked up speed and bashed through the doors and fell onto the floor in the main entrance area.
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    As the man with the gaping hole in his stomach got within a few paces to Mary, something, perhaps a higher power, or maybe just the ditch in the tarmac she had stepped into, broke her heel. As she lost her footing and fell forwards, the man reached out to grab her, though when Mary fell to the floor he grabbed thin air, and he too fell. Before Mary had chance to wail about her broken heel, the man tumbled over her, his neck snapping right in front of her. Mary screamed in absolute horror, yet the man was not dead. He groaned and clawed at her legs, ripping her designer tights. She instinctively kicked him in the face, taking his head clean off. As she sat in the dirt, trembling and bloodied, the thought of the dead-twice man came only second to the thought of her ruined outfit.
    She picked herself up, limping as she now wore just one heel, and headed into the shopping centre. She hadn't a clue what was happening, but her empty head meant she had a clue about very little anyway. She was on a mission. A mission to find the perfect outfit!
    She walked past the guns & ammo store, and then past the gardening supplies - containing shovels, rakes, and all sorts of makeshift weapons, and finally reached her safe haven - a high end clothing store!

    OOC: I love writing Mary! lol. In reality she'd be dead right away.

    I'm gonna finish up with her, and then hopefully run into some of you guys. :)
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    Vic found himself laying next to his co-worker who was blooded but still breathing "what's happening?" Vic said to him, "Zombies, they're zombies" whispered his co-worker, "zombies? who are?" asked Vic, his co-worker lifted his arm and pointed towards the entrance, Vic looked up and saw a large group of zombies staring back at him, "you need to get out" said the co-worker as his head dropped and breathing stopped. Vic stood up, he turned around and looked back through the door he just came from he could see several zombies slowly shuffling their way to him, Vic looked down and saw a fire extinguisher, he picked it up and held it infront of him, paused for a second then started walking towards the zombies at the entrace, spraying burst of Co2 at the zombies which momentarily stunned them so he could push passed, while smacking several in the face that got a little to close. Vic made it to the entrance, before leaving he turned around to look back at his co-worker, his co-worker was on his feet staring back at him, arms stretched out and letting out a groan, "damn it" Vic said to himself, he threw the empty extinguisher at the nearest zombie and ran out of the hospital, he ran to the security office unchained his bike and pedalled off down the street.
    Vic eventually came to shopping centre, he notice a large pink hummer parked outside and decided to check it out, he approached it, placed his hand on the bonnet of the car, it was still warm "someone must of only just got here" he could see a decapitated zombie laying on the floor, next to him a broken heel, he looked up at the signs outside the shopping centre and saw a sign for guns and ammo "of course, they must be going there, smart thinking" Vic thought to himself and ran into the centre and headed towards the guns and ammo store.
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    After waiting patiently next to the till with a cart full of designer clothing, Mary wondered where the cashier was. Actually, she wondered where anybody was. It wasn't even this quiet on a Sunday. She didn't like to steal, but she didn't like waiting either. She was torn. Growing impatient, she finally decided to just take the items. She placed daddy's credit card back in her purse, and pushed her cart out of the store. For a moment she felt empowered - she was finally standing on her own two feet! She didn't need daddy's money!
    As she exited the store, she noticed a man walking in her direction. "I paid for these! I didn't steal them!" she called out at him, panic-stricken. "And I don't know anything about a man with no head! I swear!" she called out again, forgetting her once blonde hair was now red, and her clothes were blood stained. Noticing the blood on her hands as she continued pushing the cart, she backtracked by saying "Oh, yes I do. He.. he.. he tried to rape me! I'm innocent! I'm too pretty to go to prison! Please! Call daddy and he'll explain everything!"

    OOC: Woo! Mary's found someone to annoy! :p
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    Vic made haste in trying to find the guns and ammo store when he spotted a woman pushing a cart full of clothes out of a store, as Vic got closer, the woman started calling out, Vic didn't catch all of it because he was too concerned about her attracting the attention of any nearby zombies, Vic ran over to her and said quickly but quietly "are you crazy? stop shouting and why are you getting clothes you should be getting food and guns" Vic paused as he realised she was covered in blood "are you ok? you haven't bitten have you?" just as he finished his sentence the clashing of shopping carts could be heard and the groans of zombies echoed through out the shopping centre.
  16. Null

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    As Jim exited the store he saw a pile of boxes. "I wonder what is in these boxes" he thought. As he was digging in the pile of boxes he heard foot steps. His first thought was zombies, but zombies don't make footsteps like that. As he peeked up over the pile of boxes he saw Lucy as she brandished her rifle.

    Jim ducked out of sheer panic as Lucy fired a round off. Jim fell to the ground with ears ringing, he was sure he was dead. He laid on the ground grabbing his head. He could swear he felt his brains coming out of his ears.

    As he laid on the ground with his hands over his head, Lucy ran up to him. She saw a pool of red liquid on the ground, Jim was covered with it. Overcome with regret she reached down and shook Jim and said "Hey buddy, are you ok?"

    Jim's ears were still ringing but he could hear a voice. He opened his eyes and looked in to Lucy's green eyes. He was afraid that his brains would fall out of he took his hands off his head.

    Lucy began to laugh, while Jim stared at her. She said a single soft word, "Tomatoes". Jim began to realize what happened. It wasn't his brain he was holding on to, it was a delicious snack. As he took his hands off his head he saw a mostly whole tomato. He sighed in relief. His brains were safe for now.

    Lucy helped Jim up to his feet. She quietly whispered "Let me help you up Hon". Jim saw the box she shot, it was full of canned tomatoes. "Dinner" he thought! Jim said "thank you" to Lucy as he picked up his bag. He began to quietly gather the canned tomatoes and shove them in his bag.

    Lucy whispered "We need to get out of here, I'm afraid we attracted a little bit of attention" as she pointed down the alley.

    It was time to move!

    OOC sorry it takes me so long to post :p im slowing things down i guess
  17. Witty_Sarcasm

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    Jim and Lucy tried to make way towards her car, but the zombies were hot on their trail. No matter what, they didn't think they would be able to find a way to get out of there fast enough.

    "We'll never make it," Lucy heaved a sigh.

    "So, that's it? You're just going to give up and let them turn us into brain eating corpses?" Jim said indignantly.

    "Do you have any better ideas?" Lucy shot back, flipping her long red hair behind her ear. Under better circumstances, Jim probably would have asked her on a date. He probably would, if they ever managed to get out of this thing.

    "No, but we need to think of something fast---before they do get to us."
  18. HawthornePassage

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    Brian woke up, took his sniper rifle, approached a crowd of zombies and fired a few shots. Quickly, he got to high ground. The sound of gunfire quickly attracted thousands of bloodthirsty undead to the first floor apartment in which Vic, Mary, Bob, Lucy, Jim and the rest of the crowd were sleeping in. Caught off guard, they were torn to shreds. Brian then escaped in a helicopter to the CDC while the military bombed the rest of the undead infection. At the CDC, a cure was developed, and the undead scourge was gone forever. Humanity was able to go back to its usual business of trashing the planet and pursuing entirely meaningless and materialistic activities until realizing how pointless their lives had been...though by then it would be too late and nothing more than a cruel irony since they'd be very very old. Brian died in 2085 knowing this all along and had the last laugh.
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    OOC Oh well, that was fun, now what?
  20. HawthornePassage

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    Rise of the machines?
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