Romantic gestures?

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    Ok guys I was just wondering if you could help me out with a romantic gesture. I reallly like this girl (Im a bisexual girl). Im thinking of taking her out to dinner, any ideas for anything really romantic?
    Im thinking of trying to get a private room at a restaurant somewhere and asking them to put on a mix of her favourite romantic songs.
    Do you think a restaurant would do this?
    Any other ideas of what I could do on the night?
  2. Well, that already sounds like a good idea to me... at the moment I dunno what else you could do (I think if I had more ideas I'd be already dating someone)...
    Do you know her for a long time? Sometimes a small gift made by yourself, related to something you know she likes (e.g., if she likes drawing, a pencil case or a drawing made by yourself), could make a very good gift, it shows you care in a different way.
    That's just an idea, anyway, hope you can do well in your dinner :smile:
  3. anarulesmenow

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    Thanks dont know her too well so not too sure what i can do tbh.Just wondering if the restaurant would let us do that
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    id think that most restaurants would do this around valentines day but maybe seeing as its close to Christmas they might too
  5. Rayne

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    If I didn't know someone that well and they did all that, I'd personally be a little freaked out. Maybe go for something smaller?
  6. KittyGirl

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    A nice restaurant would do it for a couple on their anniversary or for an engagement but not usually just out of the blue unless you plan to pay them big bucks to get it done. (so when you're reserving; say that it's for an anniversary and likelihood of them doing it is much higher)
    Getting a private room or private area shouldn't be that hard - but if you want to play songs just for her; it's best to mix a cd or bring an ipod of your own with her songs to play in your area.

    Presents are a nice idea; but as the 'private room' and 'her music' ideas might overwhelm her... a small present is best. Something simple that you know she likes; joke presents to relieve tension are probably best, I think.

    I always liked the idea of turning your own dining area at home- into a fancy restaurant; with the soft quartet music, lit candles and tablecloth.
    <then again, I hate people looking at me, so doing it at home is much more comfortable>

    Eye contact and hand contact are also a must for any romantic dinner; so don't be too shy to reach out and just place your hand on hers.

    ~That's all the advice I could give you for your situation~ good luck!
  7. Axiom

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    Hmm this seems a bit strong. How long have you two been going out? how old are you?

    I find the best way to get a relationship going is to do fun things together and not impose anything that's supposed to produce a strong sort of feeling. I mean, giving her flowers is nice and sweet, but the isolated room and putting her on the spotlight might be overwhelming and uncomfortable, especially if she doesnt know you all too well.

    Do you need to go out for a romantic meal? Why not a nice meal at a nice restaurant together, and then a nice stroll through the city near some beautiful places.(though is bloody cold right now)

    Or what about just a fun afternoon/evening by doing some activity that brings her out of her shell so you two can enjoy a moment together in a bit of freedom without and prerequisites.

    Just an idea. I think the restaurant idea is really sweet, but use that carefully.
  8. anarulesmenow

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    Ok so maybe a romantic meal isn't the best idea. What do i do then?
  9. poisonedresistance

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    Ok, i'm openly bi-sexual and have had the very same problem a few times. the things i tend to do for a first date or meet with a person of the same sex are...

    1- invite them to out for a meal,, the social atmosphere of other people there and the relaxed chatter makes getting to know people much easier
    2- ask them to go swimming, I usually try this in the summer, its fun and I get to have a sneaky peek in the changing rooms before hand, this exchange of looks usually is a dead give away, if there is anything between you it will spark here
    3- Invite them on a drive, i take her out in the car and drive for a good 3 hours, making out ive work to do or someone to see and that I need company, but once i get there admitting I just wanted to get her alone.
    4-never go clubbing, the atmosphere is usually too much and surrounds you so you cant talk much
    5- Ask her if she wants to join you on a walk, I use my dog as an excuse but you dont really need one, if she wants to then she will go, even a picnic in the snow can be fun!
    6- ask her to your place if you have it to yourself, a cup of tea and a film can be just as much fun
    7- the cinema, i know its very cliche but this is what makes it so much fun, as she will know exactly why you are there and trying a sneaky kiss in the dark will work if she goes with you xx

    Ive a few more but theres plenty to be getting on with there, i know its a bit brash the swimming thing, but ive found that one to work 9 times out of 10, i have even taken one of them scuba diving with me, an experience thts exhilarating can help things along too