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Room Full of ppl, and Still Alone

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Thelonlyone, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. Thelonlyone

    Thelonlyone Member

    Hello Everyone.
    I stumbled across this site last night.Feeling alittle down and kinda stupid for it to.I have plenty of ppl around me that care about me, but its so strange
    to have ppl all around and still feel alone, I try to talk to them about whats going on in my head and all i get is a "it will get better". they dont try to understand but merely dismiss me.And that makes me feel worse like i am not normal.But everyone here trys to understand and help.I am glad i have found this place.
  2. vbuk

    vbuk Staff Alumni

    welcome hun - i am glad you found us too. feeling alone in a room full of people is not stupid and please dont feel stupid of it. it is good you have people around you for support - people that care for you - but that doesnt mean they understand which is where the lonliness creeps in.

    This is a place where you dont have to feel alone anymore. we all understand what these bad feels are like and can relate to it.

    I hope you find all the help you need, im always here if u need to talk

    Love clare x
  3. titanic

    titanic Well-Known Member

    Hi clare, having ppl around you and feeling isolated and alone at the same time is perfectly ok. How long have you been feeling this way? (((hugs)))
  4. Thelonlyone

    Thelonlyone Member

    i have been just reading some of the other posts. and everything i have felt i thought i was the only one to feel like that...I mean it may not be over the same type of reason but the end is close to the same.

    And Lonlyness is a killer, the silience is what get me its almost deafening.
    You all help with a open heart. Its truly great. Its like no one here knows another, Yet everyone here knows them better then a friend or a family member.

    The sheer sight of this place has feeled me with sort of hope and faith.
  5. vbuk

    vbuk Staff Alumni

    Its like no one here knows another, Yet everyone here knows them better then a friend or a family member.

    That is so so true. we are all friends here. will always try and make that silence go away. (i always find ways to do that!)

    you are not alone here my friend

    Love hugs and kisses

    Clare xxx
  6. Simon180

    Simon180 Member

    I no how that feels am a ghost i can be in a place with 20,000 people and not one of them would even notice me at all! this new year same was at a party loads of my mates and few lass's but it was like i was not even there no one talked to me much and i was just getting pisst on my own!

    I miss my girl friend because she was allways there for me and talked and we had good times....

    really hard at times :(
  7. Leth

    Leth Member

    Feeling alone when you are with friends or family is scary. It has and does happen to me. In fact last night it did. I was a wreck. Stay strong. You have people here that can support you and feel your pain.

  8. lfdy

    lfdy Active Member

    hey leth, we are all in this together. last night was awful for me too. i had my 4 teenage kids in the house but they all were doing their own thing and when midnight came i was so alone. fireworks were going off outside my house from the neighbours yard and yet all i could do was stare out the window crying and wish i had someone to talk to. i am so glad i have found this forum. it has saved my life so many times. loneliness is such a killer no matter what age you are. it affects us all. take care. hope you always have someone to talk to.
  9. blackfire

    blackfire Well-Known Member

    i go through the same thing. ppl say all this stuff that it will be ok and they understand. i went to my parents for help ( i cut was suicidal and just lost my head, wanted to go to a psych ward) they acted like nothing was wrong. i feel lonely all the time and there are ppl everywhere.
  10. DecayingAngel

    DecayingAngel Member

    I know exactly how you feel. I have actually felt alone most of my life. My family has absolutely no idea how I feel, all that I've lost in the last decade, and they don't realize that I am not like them, don't want to be, and also do not understand them (and 99% of the human race as well).

    I'm sorry I'm still around. I wish I could just erase myself out of existence. Still think that the accident I had in 1992 should have been fatal. Since then I have not known a moment of being without physical pain, and the downward spiral of my life has taken almost everything from me.

    It's like being the only person left on the planet, or looking out at a vast expanse and seeing no one at all, just emptiness.

    It's worse when family thinks they know what is best for me, when they don't really know me at all. I feel alone in the midst of crowds wherever I go, and have felt this way since childhood. Maybe there is another place for those who just don't fit the mold.

    I see I am not alone. At least that is in some way reassuring.
  11. Thelonlyone

    Thelonlyone Member

    Yeah, if New years eve was not bad enough. My sons Bday is 01-01. I wrote my Ex on myspace,called txted her a bunch to see if she could bring to see me, or if i could go over. and Today she called and asked my mother why idid not try to get in touch with my son on his Birthday.

    So it went 12-31-07
    Compleltly alone and feeling extremely hopeless. The thought andl ove i have for my son pulled me thru it.And reading some of you guys posts (Thanks again)
    I called,msged my ex a TON and did not even get a repsones to anything.
    I got chewed out by my mother cuz she belived my Ex over me.

    Isnt life grand.

    I dont know about you all, But I gather strength from my Son, I grew up without a father, and I do not want him to go thru it to. Hell come the 7th of this month it will be one year sense she took him away from me.But he still keeps me moving forward. And not doing something stupid.Albeit if it feels right at the moment, I even cut myself yesterday. not bad just a few on the inside of my leg. I have not done that in Years. I didnt even know iwas doing it when it happened. I started feeling it again, so thats why I am rambling right now. It may seem like nonsense to you all. but it has helped me.

    Thank you
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