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  1. I moved out of my hellhole of a house, and moved in with this roommate, and hes 22 years old I'm 18. He has P.T.S.D(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) he got it from a UFC fight, and hes was a semi pro U.F.C fighter or w/e. One night Idk I was just being a dick not really meaning to just kind of arguing, and he beat me up, ( did i Derserve that?) The other night I came home drunk and high adn he knew becasue I kind of passed out at the door, and he yelled at me and hit me for it in the morning, did I deserve it? Thats whats going though my head, idk I wanted a roommate to get out of my house and away from the rules, but now it seems that this is more strict. He nice most of the time, just flips out over nothing, or what I call nothing, I know i should not be getting drunk and high, but your young only once anyways? IDK what to do... or think for that matter=/
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    Get Out! You are too young to put yourself in this situation. He is dead wrong for laying his hands on you. He has no right to ever touch you and no amount of you being a "dick" warrants violence.
    You mentioned your home was a hell hole with too many rules. But dont those 'rules' keep you safe from harm. Parents can seem to come across as control freaks and want to restrict your sense of fun, but trust me, you will thank them for it.
    I moved in with a friend when I was 15 and thought her Mum was the coolest because she had "No rules". We had a ball. mBut then as time went on I realized there was no stability in my life. I wanted and needed guidance and protection and for me it was too late to go back home. It took 10 years to get back on track with my family and Wow, are they great. I cant believe I thought they were the worst people on the planet.
    Anyway, please keep your wits about you. Stay safe, and never, never put yourself in an unsafe position. Get Out!
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    Personally, i would suggest filing charges against him. Depending on how bad he beat you, you could could charge him with felony assault and battery or aggravated battery with intent to cause great bodily harm . Both of those charges carry minimum prison sentences, so if convicted he WOULD spend time in prison. And even a conviction of misdemeanor assault would put a mandatory restraining order on him. So if he ever approached you again, then you could have him arrested.
    But even if you dont file charges, you have to move out. That is a bad enviroment and it will do you no good to stay there.
    Just, whatever you do, do not put up with that. he has no right to lay a hand on you.
    I wish you the best of luck in remedying your situation.
  4. O sorry this is a older thread, everything is okay now=)
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