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Lady Wolfshead

Shooting for the stars
Anyone else struggling with rosacea and/or acne?

All my life I've had a red face - not just red undertones in my skin (my neck is white) but a face that looks like I've been crying all day - red and blotchy. Plus I deal with breakouts of small pimples that take ages to go away. As a teenager I had the usual pustules, but they mostly cleared up in my 20s partly thanks to rigorous skin care. Now in my late 40s they are coming back thanks, I assume, to menopause. Never did I think I would be getting wrinkles and pimples at the same time! Plus I now have broken capillaries on my cheeks and under my nose. To add to the fun, i have a few dark spots/freckles.

I don't leave the apartment without mineral foundation, but even foundation doesn't cover some of my broken capillaries, dark spots and pimples. I use mineral foundation and concealer. I then have to use a rose-toned blush to give some color to the white patches.

Once all this is applied (takes 10-15 minutes) I can get started with other makeup!!!! I am not conventionally attractive to begin with so I use eye makeup on my slightly protuberant eyes, and contour for my chubby face. My makeup regimen for work takes 45 minutes, after which I look "okay."

I use an expensive skin-care line from a dermatologist, and it doesn't seem to be helping much. I'm debating switching to other products. I am also trying a once-weekly glycolic peel and my skin may be "purging."

If I had unlimited funds I would get Intense Pulsed Light treatment for the redness and broken capillaries at least. As it is, I use makeup to cover the horrors underneath.

I really identified with the article here on SF about acne sufferers ending their lives. People are not kind. I've been asked if I am sunburned, if I eat a lot of junk food, if I've been crying, and so on. Mostly people just look disdainful if I go out without makeup.

Lady Wolfshead

Shooting for the stars
And please don't suggest that my makeup is causing my breakouts. This "blame the victim" type of comment is one I've received a few times. I use mineral makeup which actually soothes my skin. But even the cheapest drugstore makeup has never caused me breakouts. The only things I've identified which seem to trigger breakouts are hormones and touching my skin (unless I've just washed my hands).

Innocent Forever

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One of the things the dermatologist I saw once about my acne gave to me was an article about acne.
I'm still young (23), but, hmm, let me see if I can find it online.
I don't think this was it, but it was something similar https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/acne/causes/
I really appreciated reading it, it was much longer, 3 pages of small writing, and it helped me to realize that no, I don't cause my skin problems.
Personally I don't do makeup..... and comments aren't fun but I kinda, dunno, I guess I just have to not care about it.
Can you see a specialist to ask for advice? I know it's a fortune (depends where you live, wondering if you have insurance or can get it free or can pay if you have the money...)
Sending hugs....

Lady Wolfshead

Shooting for the stars
Thanks. I have seen a couple of dermatologists and tried a number of prescription creams, but nothing helped much. Basically I was told the flushing-type rosacea is untreatable. I've had more success with over-the-counter remedies than prescriptions.
That's great if you don't care about others' comments. I've never developed a thick skin.

I think I'm just going to save for the Intense Pulsed Light treatment. I had a few treatments 10 years ago and it did wonders.


Well-Known Member
Have you looked into acutine? A lot of people with bad acne tried out and it worked wonders and cured their skin
I am a man with Rosacea. I have had it for about 11 years now. I hate it more than anything and I've done more research about it than anyone. Still, none of this research has helped me beat it. They say it's untreatable, but I don't believe them. There are people who tell stories of beating rosacea, and all of them have some things in common. I'm going to continue trying to beat it.

All people who claim to have cured it tell the same story, indicating that rosacea is caused from within, not from the skin itself. It's something to do with the intestines, most likely a combination of things:

-lack of microbial diversity in the intestines, diversity encourages healthy digestion, correct amount of nutrients and neurotransmitters
-overactive immune responses, this is caused by leaky gut releasing bacteria and/or proteins and chemicals into the blood stream, which white blood cells will attack
-too many bacteria in the small intestine, or SIBO, which is caused by inadequate stomach acid, and is bad for digestion

My suspicion is that one of the biggest causes of Rosacea is antibiotics. After taking antibiotics, the body is in a vulnerable state. With few bacteria remaining in the intestines, it is easier for one particular strain of bacteria to get an unfair advantage since it has little to compete with, and sometimes this creates a dysbiosis. There are some companies which will sequence the DNA of your microbes to tell you if you have an imbalance, but I don't know whether or not to recommend them, because I have yet to get my results back. If you search around on the internet, you will find that antibiotics are great for curing acne and skin problems in the short term, but in the long-term, they cause more acne, more SIBO, more rosacea, irritable bowell syndrome, etc. It's frightening.

Nonetheless, years ago, I was prescribed antibiotics for my acne, and my rosacea went away almost completely, my face was as clear as it was when I was a child. Back then I didn't hate my rosacea as much, and I hadn't done all of this research, so I didn't know, but what I should probably have done was eaten a very healthy diet with a lot of probiotics at the time, to keep my rosacea gone. But, it came back, very quickly. Even though I believe antibiotics are the main cause of rosacea, I'm going to order more antibiotics, because it has been shown to temporarily cure it. I'm currently trying to get my doctor to send me my medical record so I can find out which type I was prescribed years ago. Even though bacteria build up resistance to antibiotics quickly, I'm hoping it will work again like it did before. If it does, I will eat the healthiest diet in existence and eat a good variety of probiotics to keep it away as best I can. I'm still worried, because a healthy person should apparently have hundreds of strains of bacteria in their intestines, while probiotics rarely have more than 20 or so.

It's very difficult to keep up a healthy diet, and it's very disheartening when it doesn't work after weeks of trying, but I'm not going to give up. Other people have beaten it, and so will I.


And, Jazlyn, I have used accutane. I believe that it is a very good choice for acne, although when I took it, in low doses it seemed to reduce pimples to very few, but the ones I did get were very painful. And, on high dosage, it made my face more red than ever. It was tomato red, for a few days, and it was horribly embarrassing. I led people to believe I had been sunburned, because I didn't want them to know I was taking radical medication because of my appearance. Nonetheless, I'm going to try taking it again, in smaller doses, depending on the results of the other things I'm trying. They say that accutane can kill off sebaceous glands, and people seem to like the results of it after taking it for a long time, even though it is very dangerous.


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I have this too! and I do have to say going to all natural nothing in them skin care products have helped the expensive ones actually caused me to flare up.
I also did stop wearing makeup so much.
I only wear makeup 2 maybe 3 times a week max.
My skin looks great, I just look like I’ve applied a bit of blusher lol
I go out in public with no makeup on and I feel confident. I think it’s finding what works for your skin as everyones is different.


Everything Zen
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My son has it & we tried a few things when he was younger because he was super self conscious about it. He got older and got over the comments without us getting a real handle on the fix for it. It sure doesn't seem like something caused by much "outward" issues - weather, makeup, thread / materials / bedding / towels, etc. I can see where it would be pretty aggravating for a woman. I hope you find something that works out for you.


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I have rosacea - my neck/body is milk white and my face without makeup is RED. I wear mineral makeup and find this helps my skin as well. I find that heavy moisturisers make it a heck of a lot worse. If I get warm at all I look like a flipping lobster so external factors such as heat and sun are a problem for sure.

I did read about light therapies and checked out the before and after photos and I do think that it is something to seriously consider - even if it means saving up. If you do go for it, let me know how it goes :)

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