Rose Coloured Glasses

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  1. Rowan

    Rowan Banned Member

    I never post my poems... never show them to anyone... but I feel like... maybe someone will like this... sorry that it is long... if you guys want me to post more... I guess I will. Again I apologize for the length... By the way... the god/ devil part was a reference... I, myself an Atheist..
    I meant to mention... this was inspired for everyone on sf..

    Rose Coloured Glasses

    I was walking down a lonely road,
    Until the path diverged.
    One road had an eerie halo,
    And on it my innocence purged.
    The other had a sunny glow,
    On it I would always stay the same.
    I looked upon the road divided,
    Each one beckoned me by name.
    Upon my conscience I had to bare,
    The choice of which I take.
    Neither god nor devil, in heaven or hell,
    Could make this a good call or bad call.

    The road to the left seemed a little too inviting,
    With sun kissed leaves and no rain.
    Those who before me, had taken this path,
    Had never felt pain.
    Heathens Mars did not see them,
    For conflict was sparse and wars few.
    The sun always shined, flowers always in bloom,
    And at dawn the grass glistened in dew.

    The road to the right, though did well to intrigue,
    But offered no guarantee I'd survive the treacherous path,
    Filled with concrete and thorns.
    Where many a songbird had died,
    The landscape was scarred and wildlife sparse; you could see there was always a battle to fight.
    With the fife and snare,
    Rockets blazed though out the air.
    Shots rang out all through the night.

    Just as I turned to take the path to the left,
    A wind picked up and I saw...
    As a rose in concrete stone from under the trees,
    As a soft winter snow began to fall.
    This rose did not die through it faced many a fight,
    And it never met any defeat.
    Through fire and ice,
    Through snow and rain;
    Still carried on; the rose in concrete.

    The rose- coloured glasses fell from my eyes,
    And I saw each path for what it was.
    While the left stood in the light,
    It was for the naive.
    No battle fought nor won, for no one had a cause,
    They say ignorance is bliss and omission's a lie.
    And on the left, no one knew the wiser,
    They had beauty and happiness.
    But no reason to live,
    But nobody knew how to die.

    The path to the right;
    All knew wisdom.
    They learned through mistakes, and through pain,
    The battles they fought all had a cause;
    And no life ever spend in vain.

    So now I was sure to take the path to the right,
    As I felt there was always a war to be won.
    Whether inside or out; I'm in a better place now,
    Better life has begun.

    So when your walking down a lonely road,
    And the paths become two.
    Will you go the easy path?
    Or the one that makes you work for all you do?
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  2. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    I love it Ray!
  3. Rowan

    Rowan Banned Member

    Thank youu...
  4. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    I really liked this poem a lot.
  5. Rowan

    Rowan Banned Member

    Thank It means alot... took me alot to just post it..
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