Rose petals and other wasteful things

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    Rose Petals And Other Wasteful Things - Version 2
    For my Mom - who ended her own war 1960-2003

    This is supposed to be a time of peace,
    But the war never ended.
    The fighting will come again,
    Perhaps it will be more peaceful than now.

    Pain and Love co-exists
    but then weeds overtake the flowers
    and they die
    tomorrow brings even more pain than this
    and hope lays in a place untouched

    with my head between my hands
    i sit at the edge of your hospital bed
    the pretty flower in the window will soon wither away
    but for now it in it's beauty it glows

    i've determined nothing worth saying
    and i've gone through every scenario
    your last words will remain forever
    engraved into my soul

    in a place better than this
    i will imagine you being
    in a place warm and friendly
    i will resign my thoughts to
    reality can't change
    but perception is chosen
    this time here is not unlimited
    and i've made my choice
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Not open for further replies.