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rough nite 2nite

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Hi its 5am where i am. I have bin IMing someone about what im going thru right now. After that i still didnt feel safe and ive been talking for a while with a person who has helped me on the phone from an organisation. I have been e-mailing the samaritans the last 2days coz i know im messed up and need help. I just dont see an end and question the pain and suffering i face everyday. Im not even sure wether i should be here or not but all this talking about where my head is at has been a good distraction for today and has made me really tired. Im glad to have found somewhere here wherr i can talk about this. Im mentally drained and i am going to go to sleep now. I hope i can have a better day tomorrow then i have been having the past while. I am sick and tired of fighting and i wana give in but i will try to get some sleep tonight in hope ill feel better. I have tried so hard and im just unsure anymore. I hope to return the help to those who i can and i hope thatpeople i can relate to. Well thats me! Hello! Now goodbye! Sorry if that one lump of text but my brain is just one big lump. Life is hard and its even harder for some and i am one of those ones and i am presuming so is everyone else here! Good night xx
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