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  1. FoReVeR LoSt

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    you treat me like dirt,
    knocking me around under you feet.
    Not caring if my feelings are hurt,
    I will lie silent on the street.

    Nothing will the change the way you act,
    or the way you make me feel.
    Nothing will change the fact,
    that i will never heal.

    Your words are atrocious,
    making me feel two feet tall.
    Your actions are ferocious,
    Leaving me to crawl.

    One day i'll stand up to you,
    i will remember the bruise.
    One day i'll make it through,
    and deliver the news.

    You are going to regret,
    the thoughts you had.
    Making all those threats,
    it's your time to feel sad.

    Your eyes scared me every time,
    now they just make me feel pitty.
    I'm not writing this rhyme ,
    just to be witty.
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    :hug: here if you need to talk x
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    *hug i like that poem hun its rly good...hope your ok *hug
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    :hug: im always here for u hun. i loved it was fantastic
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