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round and round

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nothing ever gets easier for me, the struggle goes on and i feel further and further away from feeling ' normal ' !

there's just no joy in my life now, oh i can put on a fake smile, push out a laugh when its needed but it comes from a heart that just doesn't care anymore.
it's too tough to get up, go to work and show my face but i do it purely because i have nothing and no one else, my life is as empty as me.

where's the joy, the happiness and fun that i have known ?

back to square one again and looking at a future of nothing, don't know if i have the courage to keep on trying, just so tired now, tired of life and the constant battle against who i am.

total eclipse

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depression takes joy right out of life hun I do hope you have some help hun to pull you out of that numbness Keep talking okay it does help in away to get some emotions going i find hugs to you


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i have no help really except myself and an online friend, no real friends left for me to lean on.
going back to the docs so thats a start.

but yes, it does suck the joy out of what life i have, sometimes i wonder if its all worth it

post op

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If you are asking for help finding your way it is to risky if I tell you where to go and you fall it would be my fault sorry you need professional help find a dr
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