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Royal F You to covid.


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I was doing relatively well with my mental health for some time. Middle of the year I got some dips. More stress at work with a larger work load and fewer colleagues due to of course this fucking pandemic. Customers got shitty, colleagues got shitty, and everything went to fuck. Later and later my mood dipped a bit more, but I could deal. it was a blip. I'll pull up. I know it'll be ok. Lock down ends and the country tried to pull back to anew semi normal state. Then of course things get fucked, people stopped giving a shit about following these rules put in to protect and keep people safe. Lockdown 2 here we come. Customers got shittier. managers got lazy and sat up in their fucking castle away from dealing with the abuse thrown at us by customers that wanted the last fucking pack of toilet roll that got sold minutes before them. Because clearly its the low level, low paid drones fault that every other fucker in the town needs to buy a crap tonne of bog roll. Its absolutely all my fault you came in to late to get the last fucking tin of soup. its absolutely all my god damn fault that you can't be fucked to wear that god damn mask for all of your 30 minute shopping trip... but if i even drop it for a second for sip of water, you hur abuse... remember I've had it on for 8 hours.

Christmas is around the corner. I dropped nearly £200 for most of the christmas groceries. tonight i get dropped into tier 4. no fucking christmas bubble. I've not seen my daughter in nearly 2 weeks, bec ause some fucking family disregarded the social distancing rules, disregarded the lock down rules. andd tonight, tonight i had a glimpse of my old self, tonight I had my first suicidal urges in such a long time. I am pushed to the end of my tether by constant verbal abuse at work, constant bullshit from my management team, constant fucking let downs everywhere, constant selfish fuckwits who think they are above everyone. tonight i just cannot deal with it. i want to cry. i need to cry but my medication have dried those wells up.


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Hit the nail on the head about people being shitty at worksite. WTF has happened to this world. Swear this covid thing has caused worms in ones brains some of the people nowadays have no manners, the bitchy staff members precovid have been even more vicious to each other. Dripping into our communications companywide. The former sweet nurse is currently a snarling wolf sicing toxic mushroom cloud ammo toward staff members way. She have had it with certain staff constantly causing crap at work and the innocent ones are the casualty in her warpath, including my team members we have been good during the pandemic but the other teams toxicity is causing us to run for the hills, my team members want nothing to do with it either do I. When Im at the stores I see angry eyes in the lines, in the asiles at the checkout line. I keep waving hello to employees and they wave back when im checking out to attempt to uplift employees. But gawd wtf. Cant wait for things to go back to normal

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