Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by truthhurts, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. truthhurts

    truthhurts Well-Known Member

    i just wanna scrrrrreeam right now. tho i can't cuz my family's all asleep here alrdy, im the only lune who's up. lately the urge to cut is just so strong i wanna hit something or break something or just scream my lungs out. tht's a little hard to do tho with others around. i kno how stupid cutting is, the release is only momentary, and it brings so much trouble with the aftercare, meaning more like hiding. i also got P.E. tomorrow, another very troublesome thing, especially if i got any fresh cuts, they're pretty easy to notice. tho sometimes i wear long gloves then, tho it's rly weird when i won't take em off for physical ed. lol. i kno it's stupid, it'll just hurt me more in the end, it's selfish in the sense that if ppl close to me notice, im gonna worry them, tho im not doing tht bad anymore, im not gonna do anything rly stupid. sometimes i feel totally numb about everything, sometimes i feel almost like rage, like now. i wonder what wud happen if i randomly screamed at school during a lesson lol, and if ppl looked at me funny i'd go like "what?". even tho cutting is such a useless thing, i still feels such a drive towards it it's gonna make me go crazy, or tht's what it feels like.
    well, if anyone's got suggestions for how to calm down, i'd rly appreciate it.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    put on headphones loud music and just listen to that hun okay loud music will distract those thoughts hugs
  3. truthhurts

    truthhurts Well-Known Member

    i've been listening to music pretty much all day actually xD, yea it sort of does help. when i don't have my mp3 player with me i feel a lot worse [at school etc]. tho i kno i shudnt listen to music during lessons xD. i feel a little better right now tho.
  4. SilentScream

    SilentScream Well-Known Member

    U know tht I'm always here to scream at c:
  5. Monoka

    Monoka Well-Known Member

    Don't feel bad about how you will make others feel, they can either handle it or not- you need support not questioning.

    the question about what would happen if you scream in class- i don't know but i really want to find out. but its not something other people would let you forget :(

    i wish we could scream, cut, rip- then go back to things as if nothing has happened. but society wont tolerate us doing that. :(

    Take care,
    your not alone. x
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