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  1. jjjoooggg2

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    I've been cashier since I was 12, so I know how to treat people.

    But I just got back from the convenience store. I was having trouble using the penpad. The cashier said that I had to use my finger instead. So I just kept trying. As I left someone behind me said, "now you know." If they even paid any attention they would have noticed me use my finger first then the pen. Why do people seem to want to be rude to others for no reason than to be.

    Maybe, I misunderstood her. But I had the same thing happen in another convience store when I asked where the restroom is.

    I think I'm more sensitive because of past experiences. Sounds contradictory. But I'm 39.

    I think I'm prone to bad luck with people. I do really well as a cashier. But outside that I'm like constantly being misjudged.
  2. NoGood

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    Why are people rude!!! I just dont understand it either.
    Im a receptionist and my god, some people are just plain old rude. Like you dont even need to do anything to provoke, they just come in with an attitude. I am extremely polite (alot of people have commented on my manner) so its not like im being a bitch and deserve to be spoken to the way some people speak!

    Just one of those things i guess J, we remember the horrible customers more than the nice ones :(
  3. Sidewalk Slam

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    I'm very sensitive too. Little things like that trigger depression for me. People don't even realize it. I know it's probably that I should be less sensitive.. the whole world can't sugar coat things for me. But I just wanted to say I know where you're coming from. Social anxiety maybe? I know you're probably just venting though.
  4. jjjoooggg2

    jjjoooggg2 Well-Known Member

    This is why I prefer to shop over the internet. If I could buy my groceries online, I probably would. I wondered if the UPS man was upset coming over to my house every week. Then I realized I'm helping their job security.

    Wow, I feel better after talking to yall.

    Now, I have to exercise, and watch Jessie Ventura "Conspiracy Theory." Booyaa :)
  5. nolonger

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    Over here in Aus(well in Bris atleast), Coles and Woolies let you buy certain groceries over the net. Kinda cool :laugh:. I tend to be very sensitive. If someone I'm not very familiar with says something mean/rude it can really hurt me :(. It can trigger me quiet easily. Kinda dangerous too I guess. But if people are really nice it makes me feel the happiest I can be(which is good enough :tongue:).
  6. AlexDanish

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    Oh, I know how you feel.

    When I used to do drive-thru, it amazed me how prissy everyone was. It's like, I'm wearing this outdated headset, and they yell at me when I think they ask for large fries when they said they wanted a 7up. It's not my fault they have their massive trucks engine screaming into my mic! But I guess they don't know that :p
  7. ryanglander

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    If that happened with looking for a bathroom I don't see anything wrong with that. However if someone says "now you know" when your back is turned to them thats completely different and is definatley rude. I would have turned around and said "excuse me". Then if they repeated "now you know". I would probably give them a lecture explaining to them that its rude to make snotty comments to people while they are walking away and their back is turned. And if the person responded with more rudeness I would say "step off bitch".

    When someone is rude, first start off nice yet get the message across you were hurt, if the person responds rudley, automatic problem - release some stres yell at the sob!
  8. mike25

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    What a jerk! Rude ppl are ignorant and unwise, and have an immature hankering to get digs in/subtly humiliate/criticise others in order to continuously re-affirm their own insecure sense of pride and ego. I think you're amazing for not rising to the bait and biting back. :)
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  9. ryanglander

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    Are you kidding me? If someone snaps at you, you bite, if someone bites, then you bite a chunk of their ass off! You got stress? Well take it out on whoever the punk is that is trying to hurt you, that way you do both yourself and soceity a favor by "punishing" that jerk.
  10. Sidewalk Slam

    Sidewalk Slam Well-Known Member

    No so easy for a person like me. I can think of all the right things to say UNLESS I'm in the situation.

    If somebody is being hurtful or rude towards me I just freeze up and every credible and useful sentence I could throw at them fly straight into nowhereland.
  11. Mortal Moon

    Mortal Moon Well-Known Member

    I recommend you all check that out. People share all kinds of infuriating, and sometimes hilarious, stories about rude and unreasonable customers, from the POV of either an employee or another customer. It seems to be a universal problem, unfortunately.

    Every job I've had to date involved customer service of some kind, and some of the stuff I had to go through still makes my blood boil when I think back on it.
  12. ryanglander

    ryanglander Well-Known Member

    Oh beleive me, I know about that, I knows about dat. I used to do that, actually I still do, but I have to practice. I also noticed just talking in general to new and different people more helps.

    Sharpen your sword and when your ready, attack!
  13. ryanglander

    ryanglander Well-Known Member

    You just made my day. ThatS AWSOME, SO FUNNY! IM NOT JUST SAYIN THAT :lone: :smug:
  14. Rosenrot

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    Rude customers come standard being a cashier, it's why I don't do it anymore.