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run away *trigger*

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find the strength

I found a new way of selfharming today. Totally unintentionally. Didn't mean to hurt myself but it happened by accident and it was great. Way more hurtfull and hurting over a way bigger area than my normal methods do. I'm going to use this method more often now. It'll do me good.
Im going to run away. Cope with things my way.

find the strength

and I'm sick of this. I can not die. But I want to so badly.
Hurting myself will be it for now. At least for a little while. That will be my temporary solution. Just to numb the pain.

Hun, hurting yourself is not the answer and you know that. You can't run away from your problems because their still be there no matter what. You need to face them head on and deal with them each in a postive way. I can understand wanting to numb the pain but that is not the way. Your doing well with trying to stop the self harming don't get into another way of SH please, you may think that the new way is better but its just as equally dangerous. Here if you wanna talk anytime :arms:


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It might be tempting to run away as a short term solution...weve all done it, most of us are still doing it, SH, alcohol, other substances, there all tools we use to numb the pain and avoid dealing with painful issues in our lives. In the end though you have to face those issues down, and deal with with them the best way you can...not saying any solution is going to be perfect, not saying its not going to bring its own pain, but even inperfect solutions are better than none at all. Ya i know...I should talk..

Im here if you ever need to talk, maybe discuss some things you can do that would help. :hug:
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