Run, Forest, Run!

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Berg, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Berg

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    With forest gump in mind i wish to type here about running and athletics. It all leads to the substance Endorphin. The substance is also created by eating chocolate, having sex, and cutting/pain.

    As we all know life is pain. And to qoute ja rule [>< sorry]"Pain is love" Without bad times.. we wouldn't know the good-times or at least appreciate them.

    I am here to tell you to start running!
    Both running and cutting makes Endorphin and adrenalin. The crucial difference is the state of mind. While running your mind remains clear, if you want it or not. Fed by the positive influence of the substances it will give you a brilliant flash of insight in whatever is bothering you. Because you focus on your breathing you will relax while being active. Its a form of meditation, and helps you to relax. Also when your done and tired you will remain in a state of calmness.

    Now nothing comes easy. NOTHING. you must go all the way. You must run until you have no energy left and more.

    Even if your not an sports person there is a way to do this. Which doesn't involve running for hours. Set out a straight line of 40 yards. Sprint all the way. (90% of you maximum) and JOG, i said jog back at 20/30% (no walking). Have a friend to push you to the limit. (if your reading this to help a friend. make it happen run together 10/20/40 times a 40 yards sprint)

    When you build up enough condition you can start training for a 10 km run.

    When you come back from one of these 2 exercises you wont need music or something else to express yourself. Ill be completely satisfied, state of accomplishment, happy. Also by doing this you will sleep better.

    Its worth a shot ain't it? (before something else)

    Get the feeling of going beyond what you thought was within your limit.

    =) i hope some-one try's this. Could you share your experiences?

    [Mods if its the wrong forum, please redirect me.. with my apolagy]
  2. xan

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    I find with running that you have a mental wall, where you feel like giving up, i started to feel like this the other day whilst running but suddenly realised that i was still breathing fine (i'm asthmatic so it can be a problem) and my legs didn't hurt... ended up tripling the distance i wanted to give up on. I like just sticking to one set rhythm as well, just run and one set speed until you can't any more.

    So basically... no realy conclusion to this... good thread... meh i'll shut up now
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