Runaway train

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  1. Katryn

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    How do you stop your mind from thoughts that you dont want to have?

    How do you stop your life from falling apart?

    When do you start believing in dreams again

    When do you get a semblence of control back

    Why does it feel like you got on a journey inside a runaway train.
  2. sofie

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    Hi Katryn,

    You ask very good questions to which many of us are also seeking the answers. Stopping the intrusive thoughts is a process, learning new coping skills, taking control back from your thoughts....therapy is your number one resource for that, in my opinion. So if you do not have a counselor, I strongly recommend finding one you mesh with and talk this out with him/her.

    As far as stopping your life from falling apart, feeling like you are on a runaway train, those are also feelings so many of us relate to very you learn coping skills and find a way to stop the intrusive thoughts, that runaway train will slow down and you can assume control again.

    I wish you the best -- if you ever need to chat, feel free to send me a message.
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    Hi Katryn,

    I too am from South Africa and know all too well the trouble with intrusive thoughts. I have them too. I'm afraid I have no answer to stopping life from falling apart, as mine is in much the same state and as for the runaway train. Mine has run over me and kept right on going.
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  4. Moat

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    I like to think of everything in life, the bumps, the bends, the humps,, the constant slowings and speeding up and stopping like thread in a spindle. Before it passes through your fingers and woven into what you have in store for it, it is an unsightly, almost impossible thing to control and manage, then after careful planning and a lot of patience, you can manipulate it into something of exquisite beauty. While you cannot see or even know what that is at the moment, because of how sightly everything is, if you look past all of that and set your sights on what could be, then the outcome can be exceptional, if you keep that frame of mind.

    In a nutshell...
    The mind is a mysterious thing indeed, all of our experiences, the thoughts we think each day, I like to believe shows us things that we can use to better our current situations.
    One can only use what is best at their disposal and never give up, even if the odds against you seem insurmountable. As long as you keep pushing onward, then you always have control.
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