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  1. Brighid Moon

    Brighid Moon Member & Antiquities Friend

    It's crappy that your parents are being harsh right now - but running away is never the answer unless you're in a seirously abusive environment. I know from experience. I was even in that abusive environment and I ran away when I was thirteen - and things still went from bad to worse, in many ways. Please re-think this. Without running away, maybe ask your parents if you can stay at your mates' houses or something for a bit? Or tell them how you're really feeling and see if there's a way to work it out? Try anything and everything first before you resort to the last resorts. Running away can screw up so many things from your education to your psyche to eventually your entire life. Please rethink this option and find something that won't hurt you in the long run.
  2. Breathe

    Breathe Well-Known Member

    Two problems are pushing me towards this prospect of running away from home:

    1. My parents wont allow me to see my boyfriend because he gave me a love bite. It has been 2 weeks and i still am not allowed to see him. He has his last gig in his certain band before moving to another and he wants me to be there. Before this incident i was allowed to stay over there friday night, saturday day and night, and sunday morning. But because of this one mark that faded all this has changed.

    2. My parents threatened on my first bout of self harming that if i ever did it again they would send me to a mental institution. A mental health clinic keeps phoning/emailing/writing to me, and i am running out of excuses for the scars on my body. I know they will find out soon.

    I have two friends, Maria for certain and Shannon that is a maybe that can hook me up to crash at their places. Maria for a few days, Shannon for weeks. I am thinking of running away closer to the gig date, this also would be near the time i have finished college so i dont need to worry about that. I have not mentioned my boyfriend to my parents for a few days to try and ease the situation as i find arguing my point with them makes things worse.

    Shall i run away? I am unsure, though i dont like my parents that much they still are my parents and i dont want them to either go on a mad rampage looking for me or be sad after i am gone.
    But do the people who called me a slag and attention seeker deserve my love?

    My parents have also said that i am not allowed to be alone. They are going to a wedding tonight from 1pm to early morning. But i am not allowed to stay in the house myself despite being nearly 17. This is because they can not trust me to be truly alone as Lee might suddenly turn up -.- I asked them if i can go out with my mates instead of going to my older sisters house cause my friends have finally finished their exams and i cant do that either cause i might be going to see him. Paranoid or what? This is going over the top.
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  3. noone

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    running away may seem like a good idea now but you know that you will have to eventually return home to what may be a situation far worse than it is now, plus even tho you think your parents are being hard i expect in their own minds they are just trying to protect you and if you dissapear then they will most certainly worry and act accordingly.
    i agree that their reaction is a bit over the top but think carefully before you act, no matter how much you think you need to go to this concert is it worth making a bad situation worse?
  4. Breathe

    Breathe Well-Known Member

    You made a fair point.

    I admit there are a lot of flaws in my plan but i am desperate, i haven't seen my friends or boyfriend for weeks. I don't know why they believe i am so bad, i get good grades, i haven't stolen, got pregnant, failed a class, got in trouble with the law, got over the top drunk and i have informed them of every decision i have made apart from those such as my suicide attempts and self harming. I am 16 i need my own life and i think i am ready to start making my own decisions. And spending a weekend around my boyfriends, with his family there which they already agreed too is what i choose. And if running away is what i need to do to affirm my own decisions then i have to.
  5. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I think your parents are going over the top but please don't hate them for it, at the end of the day they're only doing what they think is best for you and trying to protect you.
    I don't have any advice for you as I sort of have the same problems myself but I am here if you need someone to talk to about it.
    I will you all the best,

    Daisychain xx
  6. ~Claire

    ~Claire Well-Known Member

    Have you asked them why? If they used to let you stay overnight with him but are now saying no, it may be more than just the love bite?

    Why do you want to make excuses? Try talking to them, it might help.

    Like Daisychain said, they're trying to protect you. After all you're only 16. I wouldn't advise running away, when you returned home it would possibly make your relationship with you parents a lot more strained than it already is.

    Talk to them re the wedding, see if you can compromise like being left on your own but having dinner with your sister?

    Take care :hug:
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