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I am semi-addicted to runescape, I am not handicapped, I am in shape, but it feels there is something holding me back from doing the things I feel I want to do, which sometimes seem like impulses. I want to make music, paint, and live. My family trys to take care of me very much, they are always telling me what I should do, and they pressure me, our relationship seems to have no respect involved, I don't feel I have any respect for my grandparents or my mother. With other people it is different, I am shy, I think of talking to random people as I wander around but I can't seem to just join a group of people or talk to the person who seems interesting to me, and many people seem interesting to me, in fact, I walk around at times and think about a random girl on the street and I hanging out, if only I were to tell her I want to. I play runescape about every day now, it feels like a drug, when I play it, I feel down, but I still don't know what else to do, people have always been so difficult for me, but not animals and trees, I can walk up to them very easily and make friends with them.
Hi Permalba Doh
It sounds like things are pretty difficult at home for you. Is there any chance you can talk to your family about what is going on for you and how you feel? Or if that feels too stressful, how about writing a letter explaining it, and give it to them? You deserve to be able to have your say, and I think it could help if your family knew the effect this was having on you. It also might be beneficial to work on your self esteem, as this might make you feel more able to build and maintain friendships. It's bound to be hard to do so, but is there any chance you can see a therapist or someone to talk through your issues? Tale care
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