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Running Away Plan is Set

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Things are way too expensive. It also seems that I probably can't even go to the university I want because it cost too much. If that's the case then i'm just not going to college. I live in an apartment with my mother, who was selfish and moved all the way down to South Carolina with no remorse that I would miss a semester. I'm not sure what to do. I have this big plan of packing up my bags and running away. There was a girl in newyork who didn't really like me that much but maybe I can find her. I'll have to be a bum for a little while, but I don't care. My life is pretty much over, I lost the chance with the girl of my dreams a year ago, and there really is nothing good about my life. I plan to leave on a day when my mom isn't home, and i'll print out a map and walk all the way back to newyork. I'll be hungry but perhaps i'll have to eat out the trash or steal, see how far i'll get. It's worth something. My life obviously isn't taking off. I have no job, and have been trying to get one for a long time. Can't get into a university, lost the girl of my dreams, live at a place that I don't like. So i'm ready.


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Before you leave, do you think you could sit down and talk to your mom about all the things you said here? Maybe there might be a more constructive solution and save you all the suffering you might have to encounter if you leave.


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I think itmahanh has good advice...
it's a mean world on the streets I believe..there are several on this forum who've 'been there, done that' and would tell you not to go there..
i'm pretty sure your Mum would do anything in her power to keep you safe
please talk to her first...
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