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  1. The_Discarded

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    it always feels great. :biggrin:

    running is amazing.

    if you don't do it and you physically can, take advantage of the fact that you can and just... do it! pweaaase

    (or any exercise, really, but especially running :biggrin: ... GET OFF YOUR ASS! i know you're tired, but go go go go)

  2. Anime-Zodiac

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    I play a lot of soccer which obviously involves a lot of running. Running helps gets any thing of your mind and it occupies the mind as well.
  3. snowraven

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    I ran a lot when I was younger. Now I take things a bit slower and tend to go for steeper gradients. I am a climber and mountaineer. The exercise and the doing it in beautiful scenery is one of the good things in my life. It really helps me. Enjoy your running.:smile:
  4. Puppy

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    I love running! But... I don't really do alot of it.

    I love walking, though. I could walk all day and not get tired of it ^-^
  5. stinkymouse

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    I joined the local running club 3 years ago,and it helps alot,i run 3 times a week,mon,wed and sat mornings and i have even entered some 10k and 10 mile best for 10 miles is 1.27.03 .....i would love to do a half marathon some time next year.:smile:
  6. mixedemotions

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    I used to run alot when I was younger, and even ran in contest for my school.

    I loves running. it used to make me feel so alive inside...

    but 2years ago now i slipped and damaged my back, meaning i couldnt run any more..

    but recently i have jugging and it feels great.

    I really wanna get back into the sport... i know im not as healthy as i once was. but i dont care. I just wanna run wild :tongue:
  7. daredhead

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    I go on a morning run with my German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, Ralphie every day. Except for now, I broke my arm last Saturday in two places, so I'm not supposed to run for six weeks. Luckily, I have convinced my boyfriend (who needs the exercise:tongue:) to take Ralphie on his daily runs.:biggrin:
  8. VALIS

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    How much do you guys run?

    Me: 25 miles a week
    When I go to the track I'm always running the longest of anyone there. but I go for distance and not speed...although I'm doing some sprints. I avg 9.5 minutes per mile for 5 miles... When I started a year and 4 months ago I was running 1.25 miles and exhausted!

    God, I love running. I wish there wasn't the guilt of skipping a run but the rush afterward is so fulfilling.

    It's true that the weight definitely comes off from running. I don't diet anymore, I try not to shovel food in my mouth but I can overeat and not gain weight, just run a little more....I went from the high-ish end of my BMI range down to 20 within the year...

    HIGHLY recommended to start running because it doesn't take much time (in the beginning anyways), you don't need a friggin' team or a partner, and all you need to spend is for really good shoes and a couple of outfits.