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  1. sithspit

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    Found an excellent way to relieve stress yesterday. Screaming Green Day in someone's car as it blasts at full volume whilst they hammer down the motorway at 100 m.p.h sure is exhilerating. It's been ages since I sang aloud to music, and I love that the woman I was with let me do it. I love even more how I can be myself around her and she is comfortable with it all. It's such a shame that she's married. And a prostitute.

    Sadly I can't drive, so instead I run. Run forever. Sprint as hard and as fast and as long as I can, going nowhere, yet everywhere. Run until the world becomes a blur, run until my head spins. Run until I havn't a breath left in my body. Run until every muscle and sinew aches, every breath hurts, every gulp of air feels hoarse on my throat. Run until sweat streams down my face and into my eyes, stinging me, causing pain. Run until I'm on my hands and knees, head pounding and ringing. Just run. Run to escape.
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  2. poisonedresistance

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    sounds amazing!

    i dive,, i put my gear on and sink beneathe the water,,, the sound of the regulator, that life giving tube and the rest,,, bubbles and silence!
  3. hammockmonkey

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    I love running. I like how everythng just melts away and all there is is trying to go further faster every day, just a little further and a little faster.

    I hate running on cement though, I can't do it hurts my knees.
  4. Remedy

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    I love being in a fast vehicle and listening to music, it's a great feeling. So badly want to own a motorbike and drive past all the forests.
    Running, driving, sinking, loud music... all nice ways to escape reality for a little while.
  5. sithspit

    sithspit Well-Known Member

    My friend says that she will wrap her car around a tree one day, because when she's angry, she drives really fast.

    I'm worried I might do something similar.