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Ive come to realize in the past few weeks that ive been running, perhaps not physically but mentally….every chance I get. I try to run away from the pain and the hurt but no matter how far I go it’s never far enough. My problems are always right behind me waiting to bury me. Im not getting better only worse as the days go on, ive got health problems now on top of mental problems….problems I just cant fix, no matter how much I try. The genetics’ test still has not come back, making me worry even more if grammie’s cancer is more than what people are saying or telling me. My best friend is gone, my friends are gone, everyone I trusted left me…I keep trying to commit suicide, I hurt so bad inside and out I don’t wanna give a damn and yet I do…I care too much. Everytime I ride I feel like im running, I trot and trot til my lungs give out and I cant breath anymore but everything is always right there. I used to be able to ride and let go now I cant anymore, I cant even cry anymore :cry:


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Have u seen anyone about this?
If not go see your doc, if u can't say it give them a copy of what you've posted here. :hug:


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I have also learned that we cannot run away from ourseleves, no matter how hard we try...please try to run towards yourself and get the support and caring you deserve...J
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