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Rural internet digital divide

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There is no high speed internet where I live there has never been and most likely there never will be. The fiber optic and cable companies refuse to service my area because they claim it is not dense enough. So we don't have even dialup internet out here, I hate it.

I have made three or four complaints to the fcc and all it does is get a form letter from the companies saying to pay half a million for a sixteenth of a mile of cable and we can start service.

All the infrastructure of the united states are built around large population centers. The only functioning part of municipality where I live are tax collection.

Communist ass dump I wish I could sell but what idiot would buy here?

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I am going to make another fcc complaint to make sure they are still alive.


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They do but all cell carriers limit hotspotting to 15gb per month and then they slow down to 3g speed until next bill cycle.

Some out here have got the iphone and lightning cable and had success streaming to the tv that way but I don't like the cords and that seems like huge pain in the ass for me.

If I really need or want to watch something I download it on my mom's work computer which has a mobile hotspot and corporate account that never gets slowed down. I watch some streaming on it but since its for my moms work I don't want her to get fired I don't do it often. Most out here don't have anything like that and are paying out the yin yang.


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I got lucky on live on the end of the line, so to speak. I don't have much for options, but I've got something. My brother can get satellite and that's it, and that is expensive. I finally sprung for the internet, but refuses to go for the TV. I like living out where I do, but there are some disadvantages. Like no delivery out here!!! Off topic, sorry. Anyway, I can feel your pain here. We keep poking for better options and I think as more people are interested they may be more into extending the line. You may find that the same, maybe if there are enough people in your area.
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