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    don't worry, I am not abusing...(okay Zoloft I was but at least I told my DR I would and they didn't care) but the real thing I came here for was so find some people with experience in Venlafaxine and Prozasin.....I have super bad anxiety since coming off of Zoloft and I hate taking my mirtazapine because of how tired it makes me in addition to how tired I am already. so yea suggestions? I already maxed out Zoloft so I am hoping to get the most out of this med to regulate not only the dopamine but the serotonin and norepinephrine as well. maybe it will help?
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    Hi there, i'm maxed out on zoloft too. I don't have much energy but it's been better since I am taking multivitamins and iron and regular exercise. It's a constant battle with energy levels, talk to your doctor and see what they suggest. I can empathize :hug: