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S&!t's Starting To Pile Up Again

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I am not going to tell anyone.

I am just feeling the pressure of all the bad crap once again falling on me.

I can't carry this weight anymore. I no longer have the strength.

It is my intention to end this misery as soon as I am able, and I will not discuss further with my friends or family.

I am really scared.


I dont know. That really was an impulse post based on bad news I just received. But I still maintain my faith, I still have things in the pipeline as far as work goes. We will see. But I keep that option in my back pocket and I will have it at the ready if needed.


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also i just so happened to read the thread in your signature ......you should re read it too ! its very very good so thanks :)


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Hey Bill, I hope you don't give in to temptation..Your doing the right thing comeing here for support..I know you have hit head on with issues in the past, but you have worked thru them..Keep venting and stay safe..
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