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you should try doing something nice for yourself. Something you enjoy doing. To give yourself a rush of happiness. Or do something to do with adrenalin. Try to do something to make yourself happy and make yourself feel. if you need anything feel free to PM me.


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Im ok :smile: the threads kinda pointless. Talking about it doesnt really help anything. You can delete it if you want :hug: Thanks for the replies


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Today I wanted to remove me ..now i just feel numb. The more I talk about it, nothing really changes. I just explain it, i stop feeling, and open up to.. nothing. So nothing. I feel like a numb ball of it t.

Which is cool everyone feels like that at some point. So ill bounce around in my head, avoiding the realities and trying to make myself feel better.. but it's.. always tehre. And nothing changes. I just feel stuck between hope and dreams I cant make, and lifetime of failures, that I could deal with, if they only affected myself. Just been a shit year, and it was getting better, so much better. Then everything was better just... then this week I had a nasty scare. And now I dont even want to move, but I want to run. It want to change but i dont.. I just caved a bit this morning is all. I abit more grounded now I guess :hug:


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I think many changes take time...I am rather impatient, so I can relate...please know I am always here, and you can be who you are with me...I am never too busy to listen...I do care about you...J
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