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sable part 2

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i was turnin my direction on the journey back when my eyes fell on my sable (1yr old dauaghter) when we seen each other our focus becaome focused on each other. we where delited to see each other i was startin to exagerate my expressions to her from my smiling heart when this lion came at my head from up and over and there was this man below behind the cement platform sable sat on. he had a bow. he shot at the lion. the arrow went right through my daughter and into the lion. i swaddled her and began singinging and holding my smiling heart for her. i wanted to keep her smilin. then when the pain of death took hold her eyes screamed to me and she went. i woke balling in my home alone with my babies.

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This is so sad. Sleep should be our chance to find some peace and escape the troubles of our waking hours. It shouldn't bring more fear or pain. You're awake now so know that your daughter is OK and give her an extra hug.
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