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    I feel like everytime i try to date a girl i purposefully sabotage any progress i make. i come on too strong, i dont come on strong enough, or she stops talking to me after she asks about my family. (family is reason for suicidal tendencies). I am, as told by many, quite the gentleman. but lets face it that does not help AT ALL!... :-( i really like this girl but seeing as how we are in the same class, i am afraid to ask her out on a date. Not sure how she feels about me. she has no problem hanging out with me, this past weekend we went out downtown. it was awesome. not sure how to make the transition to a "date". i am pretty sure i am just being a pussy but whatever. i will take any ideas i can get.
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    Start off slow ask her if she wants to meet up for a coffee something light ok then move to a dinner then a movie small steps Sometimes it is better as well to go out as a group of people to a movie
  3. Make sure to transition from friend to boyfriend in an easy manner. I'm definitely not saying to be something you're not but- when you feel that certain panic/anxiety rise up, tell yourself to relax (or find a relaxing/soothing mantra/image that relaxes you). I myself am very known for panicking and going a tad bit coocoo for coacoa puffs when it comes to commitment, but you shouldn't let that fear rule over your life, you can't let it control you. You also shouldn't let the whole friend thing lie for too long either because in a girls mind if you become her friend- it's exceptionally hard to get her to think otherwise without a little effort. Unless you like a challenge; you should let her know, after a few hang-outs, how you feel.